2Dark announced for PC and Console


Frédérick Raynal, pioneer of survival horror and creator of Alone in the dark now brings us 2Dark, a journey of cunning, stealth and courage. A String of Child abductions is plaguing the once picturesque city of Gloomywood. While the other residence are turning a blind eye to the children’s disappearance out of fear, Mr Smith a former detective, who saw his wife murdered and his own children taken, will take it on himself to venture forth to Gloomywood’s Bastion of cruelty in an attempt to save the missing children or die trying.


Can he uncover the secrets within? Will be be able to seek out retribution for the crimes of the deranged psychopaths and bring the children back safely? In this nerve-racking game, where light and sound can be your ally and also be your undoing, kids will start to fidget or cry if you wait around to long, betraying you to the people around. In this world resources are limited so must be used sparingly. Each level is hand crafted, with secrets in every nook and cranny, can you find every child and uncover the sinister plan of the abductors? You need to plan your movements wisely to prevent yourself being captured. 

Will you be brave enough to sneak into darkness and step quietly into madness? 2Dark is coming March 10th to Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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Written by: Damian Tack

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