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Posted by on in Site News

XBLG were one of the sponsors of Scottish Game Jam. We sent our intrepid video crew along to the event on Sunday to see how the teams were getting along as the 48 hour game creation marathon came to a climax, and the prizes were awarded.

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Today's Launch Month giveaway will see you entering for the chance to win a Gears of War Xbox 360 controller.  All you have to do to enter is answer the following question.  

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As promised, here is the first giveaway of many for February.  

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Posted by on in Site News

As you all should know by now, we relaunched XBLG last week.  To make things even more special, we have decided to have the month of February as 'launch month'.

Launch month will basically include giveaways, both random drops to site members, as well as planned giveaways that everybody can participate in.  Prizes will range from hoodies to games, lanyards to capture cards - definitely something for everyone!

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