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Posted by on in Reviews

I'm still playing The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. The game is just so vast and every side quest has me wandering from the main story all the time. I love it, but what I failed to grasp was Gwent. I had played a couple games and I don't know whether it was the tutorial or my attention, but I didn't grasp how Gwent worked. 

Fast forward to Gwent getting itself its own release with stunning visuals and cross platform play, I've been playing the Beta for the last week, and I've been thoroughly enjoying it. 

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Posted by on in News

Computer games are probably the youngest entertainment medium, where films have had decades to perfect their craft and books are timeless classics; computer games are infants in comparison. This means that that games themselves suffer a great deal of criticism and mockery because the medium is still seen as a niche by many people.

I will happily tell those people that computer games are possibly the most dramatic and interactive way of telling a story that you could ever imagine. 
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