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Batman - A TellTale Adventure Series

Posted by on in News
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Batman - A TellTale Adventure Series

TellTale Games have been making some wonderfully beautiful games for a number of years now; the studio has found a dedicated audience with series from The Walking Dead and also adapting other game franchises like Borderlands. The studio seems to create wonderfully narrative driven interactive stories in which players are taking along for the ride while influencing the worlds outcomes with split second decisions. The outcome of the decisions will usually more than likely play out down the line in a later part of the story, so ever action has an equal and opposite reactions.



Low and behold as another new game from TellTale has flourished with more details in the form of Gotham City's Dark Knight. A quote from CEO and Co-Founder Kevin Bruner said this about the Batman series "We've been hard at work at Telltale creating an all-new iteration of the iconic Batman story that puts players in the suit of billionaire Bruce Wayne, just as much as it will put them behind the mask, deciding how to carefully navigate a complex drama, rich with action, crime, corruption, and villainy lurking around every corner of Gotham City. The complex life and fractured psyche of Bruce Wayne has lent itself to becoming a bold evolution of the signature 'Telltale' role-playing experience, and we couldn't be more excited as we prepare to debut the series to players across the world this summer."

The cell shaded comic effect is extremely deliberate in the games design as they wanted the game to feel like a living and breathing comic. The cast will include industry voice acting titan Troy Baker and Bruce Wayne, Travis Willham as Harvey Dent, Erin Yvette and Vicki Vale, Enn Reitel as Alfred Pennyworth and quite a few more actor in the mix. 



The series first episode is due to grace our platforms of choice in late summer, the vague release date is another trademark from the game studio as they do not nail down a release date because game is still in production. 


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