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Batman - TellTale Premier Trailer

Posted by on in News
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Batman - TellTale Premier Trailer

If you have not played a TellTale game by now then you might have some good reasons, but you really should have. The games are widely regarded for their detailed story telling and emotional reactions drawn from players. The company has made a great effort so far of converting existing intellectual properties such as; The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us (Fables comic series), Borderlands, Game of Thrones and many more. 

Now they turn their hands to possibly the trickiest IP to date ..... The Dark Knight himself, Batman.

The trailer shows off a great number of familiar faces; Harvey Dent, Mafia boss Carmin Falcone, Catwoman as well as Bruce and Alfred along with many more. The game looks to be using the existing TellTale engine pretty well and the comic-style graphics lend it's self very well to the game and the source material pretty well.

Not long to wait now as the games first episode is scheduled for 2nd August 2016 release date, as a long time fan of TellTale Games I will be making a point of purchasing the season pass when it releases. 


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