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Batman: The Enemy Within - Episode 1 Review

Posted by on in Reviews
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Batman: The Enemy Within - Episode 1 Review

The second series of Telltale Games Batman is a welcome return to my screen with the titular character carrying on a refreshing and different pacing to the Dark Knight that we are used to. The return to Telltale Games is welcome and the choices carried out within the game’s first series will have a last effect on the dark days to come in the games second series, which is titled The Enemy Within

If you have read any of my articles on Telltale Games before then you will know I am a huge fan of the interactive story with hard choices and the consequences that you have to live with. The games low level of interactivity with the actual story has been a point of contention with some players which is understandable if you are wanting something a little more hands on. The Batman series allows you to interact a little more with environments and get into the roles of both Batman and Bruce Wayne, allowing for 2 different sides of the same coin. 
The game delivers a engrossing narrative that gives players a 2-3 hour burst of gameplay, which can be enjoyed at the time or you can wait until the full series is over then play all the episodes (roughly 10 hour play time) all at once.


The opening sequence of the first episode introduces us to a different variation of the Riddler than some people may be used to, especially if you have only ever watched Batman Forever. The character is a collected individual who is a tactician as much as he is a criminal, the character is not overused and filled with tired puns. Instead sporting a scythe like can which he puts to work very early on in the episode, the man has a physical prowess that is not common with a lot of incarnations of the character.
The opening sequence plays out revealing a new threat for Batman to encounter and overcome, though he will receive help from long time DC Universe white collar villain Amanda Waller. The character of Waller is becoming a lot more familiar to the public with her incarnations in TV shows such as Arrow and the DC Cinematic Universe iteration in the recent Suicide Squad film. The cold hearted head of "The Agency" looks to drive a wedge between the classic pairing of Batman and Gordon making for some difficult choices in this first episode.


The setting is familiar and hearing the voice talents of Troy Baker are a welcome return to form for Telltale's Dark Knight, the depth to Bruce Wayne's character is not compromised in this opening chapter of series 2. Instead the choices made early on see a beloved character fall and the uncomfortable realisations that come in its aftermath make Bruce even more human. 
The reintroduction of John Doe from the first series put Bruce on edge in an extremely uncomfortable position which you have to try and contain. The small things you do in these moments will appear to have much larger connotations later on in the series, which we will have to wait and see. That is a thing I do not mind about Telltales staggered release schedule, it builds anticipation for your own variation of the story. The choices made by yourself can have a different overall arching story line than your friend who has made different choices to you.  


The graphical approach to the game is still on point with a very comic book styling to the artwork and the backdrop of Gotham City, the music is still as refreshing and powerful as the first series where the emphasis is placed on all the correct points. The company of Telltale are known now for releasing a specific quality of game and the fans will not be disappointed in the result of this second series. 

I would recommend playing the first series if you have not already, then make sure you jump straight into this new episode. The relationship with your allies in this series appear to have a much larger impact and it seems as though you will need to keep people on side for some much larger event later in this series.
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