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Call Of Duty: Ghosts

Posted by on in Reviews
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Call Of Duty: Ghosts

Title: Call of Duty: Ghosts           Developer: Infinity Ward             Platform(s): X1, 360, PS4, PS3, PC             RATED: 18

In the ultra competitive world of videogames, few franchises have stayed at the top for as long as Call Of Duty. However staying at the top does not necessarily push developers to improve their product, arguably the franchise has changed little since the polished MW2 graced every eligible console across the gaming world. It wasn’t until Battlefield started to show itself as a true competitor to the fps crown, that COD started to up its game. Just like the best thing to ever happen to FIFA was Pro Evo, so is Battlefield to COD, and with BF4 attracting a lot of attention, it would appear Ghosts has had to up its game. If all that wasn’t enough, it marks the launch of a new generation. This is next gen COD!

It is clear from the outset that we are in the bosom of familiar territory, the gripping, at times, cliché world of COD is all about the big spectacle coupled with quiet manly chats that some how make the following mission ‘mean something’.So despite being familiar, Ghosts is set in its own world, independent of any of COD’s other franchises, giving them free reign to create some political unrest. So what’s the (spoiler free) story!? An oil rich South America unifies into a federation of nations that inevitably descends into combat with the US (to make a game), sounds pretty far fetched, but after a short but epic prologue mission in space! We pick up the story 10 years later of a losing United States desperate to make an impact of their new foe. 










What do we do? A complex ground occupation, a nuke, lots of political bargaining? No. What we need is a small group of men known as Ghosts and a dog named Riley to take it to those oil rich South Americans! Yes, that’s right, the story focuses around the relationship between 2 brothers, their father and their fury friend (a dog). Wait, wait, ‘focuses’; what I was focusing on was the explosions, bombs and wave after wave of people etc… Needless the say the story plods along in a vaguely predictable fashion, however Ghosts does offer hugely varied missions, both geographically and in combat approach: space battles, tanks, helicopters, repelling down buildings and yes even punching a shark and playing as a dog. For the most part this breaks up the ‘grind’ of run and gun that has been a weak point in previous games.






That’s enough about why, more about the how! Like I said, Ghosts offers hugely varied combat approaches which will certainly serve as the most memorable moments from the campaign. However, let’s not forget, an incredible percentage of the 10-hour campaign is made up of shooting people and running about. This has been and always will be what COD is best at, Ghosts is no different. Gameplay is familiar, highly polished, responsive, engaging and incredibly immersive. Weapons are of course stunning and well textured, you feel every shot and every weapon feels different to the last. Not to be out done, environments are painstakingly detailed and feel organic in their textures and movement, especially evident in the opening level where we run through a suburban sprawl that is falling, breaking, burning all around us, and yet we are seamlessly interacting with a shifting environment (amazing).

The games presentation overall impressive, especially in low light levels, the next generation graphics are leaps and bounds ahead of the 360, capturing minute lighting changes and texturing even in the gloom. Great sound effects add to the immersiveness of battle and strong voice acting performances give characters a believability not seen in previous COD’s.  The game does have some cheesy lines, but these are nothing we haven’t come to expect.  


So as with every COD review, we reach the inevitable part that everyone is most interested in. ‘Is the multiplayer good?’, or more specifically ‘better than the last one?’. Well ‘better’ is subjective, what it certainly is, is more detailed. The first and most striking addition is the Create a Solider option, the level of customisation available is astounding, from your characters’ appearance (loads of options), to new loadout options, where similarly to BLOPS2 you can forego equipment in favour of more perks. This is not something I want to dissect as there are a total of 35 perks and an awful lot of weapons. All I will say is that the new options a) allow you to create an original looking avatar which reflects you as an individual and similarly create a character loadout which is tailor-made for your style.    




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