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Destiny 2 Coldheart Exotic Pre-Order Trailer Released

Posted by on in News
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Destiny 2 Coldheart Exotic Pre-Order Trailer Released

Coldheart is a brand new weapon type coming to Destiny 2's known as a trace rifle. I suppose it could be compared to a weapon like the sentinel beam from the Halo franchise. The Coldheart is an Exotic tier weapon that is available for those who pre-order the game from any participating retailer. The sheer power (and sheer cold) of the weapon looks like something that wouldn't want to be missed. As someone who played the beta of Destiny 2, it certainly improves on all the issues the first game had, and if all promises are stuck to, Destiny 2 looks to be all the first game should of been and more.


You can find a breakdown of the weapon here:


The new Pre-order trailer is here:


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Are you a fan of cosplay and fan art too? If the answer is yes, you can head over to The Worlds First Poncho Chief for additional Halo related goodness. If you're interested in owning some cool and exclusive Halo swag, don't forget to order your Halo Legendary Crate from Loot Crate and use the code XBLG for an extra percentage off the final price.

(All info and images taken from The Official Destiny Youtube Channel)



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