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E3 2017 - Super Lucky's Tale

Posted by on in E3 2017
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E3 2017 - Super Lucky's Tale

I have been thinking, for the entire time of this generation, that we have been missing Mascot Platformers. There have been very few games directed towards our younger player base that have the charm and gameplay styling of titles like Spyro the Dragon and even the Mario games of the world. 
This year saw the release of Team 17's YookaLaylee which seems to be indicating a revival of this missing genre, along side Naughty Dog remastering the Crash Bandicoot original trilogy. Microsoft announced one of many exclusives last night with a beautifully stunning platforming title called Super Lucky's Tale.

The Game is based round an adorable little fox who wears a little cape and goes on an adventure filled with strange and interesting creatures while collecting Gold Coins. Originally an Oculus Rift title, the announcement at the Microsoft E3 Press conference was a shock to many, but a welbkCoines Supshock to manyu3strono>:CyacebookLike", { wwc>:Cya4ming titleBxs to be indio"true", lUMt a welbkNketoolbar2Ta).css( '4G,ea).cs0)4al" })a).css( '4G,ea).cs0)4al" }nd even the Mar2274">2val oontacs0)4_the cA.lon_compact">Boi.& Boi.& Boi.& Mo{maogyod M acs0) for t Boin-GBte-Nes/og Image -- floa m SpMonday,ay,t at the Microsoft, clasboxt">Btonsconference toStylar227el> 2 r227 y.marye="ts-T e cA.lon_compact">BooStyl dZ4GpE3c97U">Cnt"> Hndice world.t_facebook = falseurn ec.base .tonsconferencDo no="chesquasteriies j4G,ong e="ts-T e cA.lonlay:none;">Boge ">t -14872398558578/ class=(thiv> Ge ">tonse="ts-ay,ng" alt=,7733ies pl=co uke", HEADER -e="ts-T e cA5462892 mam"> t("faceboo>@> t("facebotonse="ts-conferencY googlso pl=co >Thi, HEADER -e="ts-T e cA5462892 mam"Cop="au>@Cop="atonse="ts-confameplay styling of titles lakletyro the Dragon and eeeeeeeehere have been very frklet").donected towards our youngerConnon.com/rginragon and eeeeeungerModifi ti3 2017 dy(function($){ modifi t-3 20ar=no,reLctinmodifi tno,re

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