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E3 2017 - What you need to know

Posted by on in Featured
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E3 2017 - What you need to know

E3 is closing in fast and for gaming fans around the world there is no event quite like it. The biggest developers in the industry and an incredible host of Indie devs gather in the Los Angeles Convention Centre for a massive weekend of sneak peaks, huge announcements and of course, incredible content.  

On Sunday 11th June, Xbox will be airing a briefing, the first in 4K on the Mixer channel, the new name for Beam, on the Mixer app, as well as on YouTube, Xbox Twitch channel, Twitter and Facebook. Mixer will support six languages this year as well, which can be accessed through the cog icon.

Xbox have also coupled with Fuse for American and Canadian fans, who can watch the briefing at 2pm on the Fuse network and again later on the FM network, Fuses sister channel, on the 12th.

Xbox Daily will also make a return, Live at E3 which will air

Monday 12th June between 3pm and 4pm PDT - 11pm to 12pm to us in the UK

Tuesday 13th June between 1pm to 4pm PDT - 9pm to 12am in the UK

Wednesday 14th June again 1pm to 4pm PDT - 9pm to 12am in the UK

Thursday 15th June from 10am to 4pm PDT - 6pm to 12am for us jolly old Brits.

Xbox claim that the best place to watch E3 for there content will be the Mixer channel, via Web, PC, Mobile or console and that there will be goodies up for grabs during the shows. Hosting the show will be none other that Larry Hryb from Xbox Major Nelson, Graeme Boyd from Xbox live's AceyBongos and Julia Hardy

For the full story and for the latest updates for all things Xbox, follow the link to Xbox News Wire and keep your eyes peeled for our own news about E3 here on XBLG.

Join our XBLG Community Group on Facebook, or you can follow us on Twitter - @XBLGAMERHUB

Or you can follow me on twitter at @DamianTack



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