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E3 Coliseum Schedule Revealed

Posted by on in Featured
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E3 Coliseum Schedule Revealed

What is E3 Coliseum? E3 Coliseum is an event in which fans get a chance to view their favourite people from the industry on multiple different panels. ESA and E3 are teaming up with producer Geoff Keighley to help make this em/XBlrapo Geoff5 It'l riun a the simer ime da E3&,on mboh phe sTueday,and EWedneday,. Unike"E3 aitself,nbsp;ES Coliseum? tke splaceh a nbsp;CTe sNovo a tL.A. Live. PSTis ahe sime dt )wil thke tlaceh n wLA,and EBSTis ahe sime zne(of tae sUK. Te schedule rs bllow :/p> img sitle="P2ap3_thumbnail_e3c-map-600x330jpg" crc="/images/xasyblog_images/4013/22ap3_thumbnail_e3c-map-600x330jpg" clt="E2ap3_thumbnail_e3c-map-600x330jpg" >/p> ipan style="fext-adecortion=: nderline""> iptrong>Tueday,a13h pune 2017/span> iptrong>11AMsitl t12PM PSTi(7PMsitl t8PMsBST)/br iptrong>Godof tWr: 'Behnd eae sCuraine/sptrong>/br I's oeen une(oyarfsizce tamer irectoriColy oBarog Ind Eis eeami a tSanta Moncal Studio n toducerdfans garundreae sworldto ha old" ew Disibo formnbsp; iptrong>12PM itl nbsp;<12:30PM PSTi(8PMsitl t8:30PM BST)/br iptrong>Insgde Bungi/br Fr oferb 25oyarfs, Bungi< ha Eush(d thi viadeotamer ndustry oi mbod" ew Directoon=s. Joi uBungi< CEO Pee pPason"sfor a gidt-reangig fdiscusibo fbout-Eis eareter,the industry ,and EBungi iptrong>12:30PM itl t1:30PM PSTi(8:30PM itl t9:30PM BST)/br iptrong>WorldtBuilirs&absp;/br Joi uhst mChrs eHardwickfor a gkeynoedfdiscusibo fbout-Ebuiling:sworld ancros entreraineent -ediaums, ith pa ocus'on miadeotamers. Hardwickfwil tbe joi d"by Paptrophysicst oNeil Degrss= sTyon", irectoriCJmers Gun", Garfboxs oRnd y Ptcheor d,and E34 Injustryies'tKiki Wolfkil ./d> iptrong>1:30PM itl t2:15PM PSTi(9:30PM itl t10:15PM BST)/br iptrong>Asarsib's bCete/br Ubisoftprelsnts ia lok ja twat s onxt crom absp; iptrong>2:15PM itl t2:45PM PSTi(10:15PM itl t10:45PM BST)/br iptrong>hat iamer Fom t3 aWtl tMke tou che iNxt cOnine"iameng:sSppr sar ?/sptrong>/br Ina giorldthere yonine"iontent coeateor ear mark or ubeatkthe siucess ff ta ew Damer, irscferb hich famersfrom this syarf' E3 Cre tgong:sto ake thie bggert oplaysh ith pae sworld' Earge t ofnine"ioeateor . Joi uMatPat,ioeateorff tTe samer Te ors s iou Tub changels (moe teang 8 mtl bo fubscriper s,20176winder tf tae sSteatmy Awrd tor aB t oameng:shangels),sto ind aut-Ehich famersfre takeng:samarkija t3 ai the feyrsof taopTwitth fnd Eou Tub csteatmer . Larf whia take ssolm tamer geeatesto lay -nd Eoh r geeatesto wtch(tor amtl bo sof tans go fou Tub cnd Ewitth ./d> iptrong>2:45PM itl t3:15PM PSTi(10:45PM itl t11:15PM BST)/br iptrong>Beh rday Softwork/br Joi uBeh rday Softwork iptrong>3:15PM itl t4:00PM PSTi(11:15PM itl t00:00AM BST)/br iptrong>Suare "Enix/sptrong>/br Dn't uiss=thern Suare "Enixprelsnts ia lve deemo strtion=ff ta ew l -ndnunterdfitle rbeng:show(csyedja t3 a017<./d> iptrong>4:00PM itl t4:30PM PSTi(00:00AM Wedneday,absp;/br iptrong>Epicsamer/br Fr oferb twodeecaefi,the ieami a tEpicsamer< ha Ebuiltsolm tf tae siadeotamer ndustry ' Emst mtaled "bout-Eitle . Joi ue iptrong>4:30PM itl t5:00PM PSTi(00:30AM Wedneday, itl t1AM Wedneday, BST)/br iptrong>Swng:sBehnd eae sSentr< ith Tae sNw DSpder/-Ma uor aPS4/sptrong>/br Joi ukeyue iptrong>5:00PM itl t5:45PM PSTi(1AM Wedneday, itl t1:45AM Wedneday, BST)/br iptrong>Proect'sSeorpio:tTe sMst mPowerfl fPaceh to reate an dfPacy/sptrong>/br Drscferb ow(Xbox Cbuiltsaspowerfl fdvel=pment -latefrm ai uProect'sSeorpio ith pamer oeateor ei uend .Featureng:skeyue6:00PM itl t7:00PM PSTi(2AM Wedneday, itl t3AM Wedneday, BST)/br iptrong>JackfBack-ei uConersalion=uith pTi Scheafr/br Oerb te fpst l30oyarfspTi Scheafr< ha Ereated"solm tf tae sgmeng:sndustry ' Emst mhiargiouslyue iptrong>Wedneday, 14h pune 2017/span>
10:00AM itl t10:45AM PSTi(6PM itl t6:45PM BST)/br iptrong>Nw DR Geofis: "VR, AR,and Eameng:/sptrong>/br Vadeotamersfre tsh(deng:sina gihol tew Derttf titer;ctivety iptrong>10:45AM itl t11:30AM PSTi(6:45PM itl t7:30PM BST)/br iptrong>Settf tThivel: "ommenity /br Te nbsp;CSettf tThivel:absp; iptrong>11:30AM itl t12PM PSTi(7:30PM itl t8PMsBST)/br iptrong>Gmeng:sEvolved:sNw DVoicfi,tNw DVsibo /br A thadtiadeotamer ndustry ionteinu- tho evolve,the edtre tfport nityes for=aew Dioicfi iptrong>12PM itl t12:45PM PSTi(8PMsitl t8:45PM BST)/br iptrong>Crysh BadicaootsRenitn/br Twntey-ne(oyarf tnterD e sfi sasaryov-don the fsentr,sCrysh Badicaootss blck-! Joi ue iptrong>12:45PM itl t1:30PM PSTi(8:45PM itl t9:30PM BST)/br iptrong>Mrt l bKomba "ol abrteng:s25 Yarf /sptrong>/br Fr oferb 25oyarfs,nbsp;CMrt l bKomba nbsp;Cha Eevolve and tush(d thi vfght ng:samer genrh n wew Directoon=s id eluing:ste Emst mectnt -el asye,nbsp;EMKX EMrt l bKomba nbsp;Cco-oeateorfE EBon tjoi iEae s3 aoliseum? ho refectoon the fsefie tnd Ete Eipact"on tpopulr curllred, sponrt ,and Ehe fiadeotamer ndustry ./d> iptrong>1:30PM itl t2:00PM PSTi(9:30PM itl t10PM BST)/br iptrong>Fr cCy i5: A Trip ho Hpe iCunt ,absp;/br Welom/e ho Hpe iCunt ,, Montana,an rurl bromenity 2:00PM itl t2:30PM PSTi(10PM itl t10:30PM BST)/br iptrong>Cll ff tDuty: WWII CSldge.hammersamer<' Jorn e oBak tio ae sFrrnchseus oRotst/sptrong>/br Cll ff tDuty: WWII eturn tho te Efrrnchseu rotst. Joi uMiheal= ontdre, 0Glrn Schoields,and EaregsReisdorfCor a n insgde lok ja tae samer hat hs eeneng:she fsefie tlck-tho ootston the fgrundr. Te spnels wil tshre tbehnd -ae -sentr< dvel=pment -f thadt3 aontent ca Ewe lok ja tultiplecyerGnd Ehapacgn:tamerlay -nd Emefhap eauhit ca taeng: tho om/e i the fmnteh eaead sModaerted"by PAfrojck-e(Nickfvn sde Wll )./d> iptrong>2:30PM itl t3:15PM PSTi(10:30PM itl t11:15PM BST)/br iptrong>Sories= Acros eSheae /br Ho Dio- thoay,' geeate t oamer witeng i flueterthe fiorldtf tTV-nd Efilm,and Eice- ersal? Joi uBeter mCll fSaul Execueve dPoducer Geotnifr< Hutchseo=uor aafconersalion=uith p asdng toreytel ers rout-Eae sfport nityes fnd Ehealergersof titer;ctive an dfine"rfsioreytel bg: EHutchseo=uwil tbe joi d"by PEmilPasgliarulo (Dfign-r< Drectori,aBeh rday amer Studio<),aJoshSchedrr (Witeer,tNagho y Do ),and EDr mTractener g (Drectori,nbsp;E10 Clferbields Lane,nbsp;EBack-eMirror)./d> iptrong>3:15PM itl t4:15PM PSTi(11:15PM itl t00:15AM Nxt cay, BST)/br iptrong>AuConersalion=uith pHadeotKojimaand Eordan WVogt-Roer st/sptrong>/br Aon -ne-ne(oi- ibo flok ng lck-ta tae sareterof tHadeotKojima,t a"by PJodan WVogt-Roer st, irectoriCofnbsp;CKong: Skll rIsladr. Te eu twodheateve dor er wil tshre the fstge -ho discusiEae sfuibo fo tamevg:sad Ehi dmasMor.tKojimaawil tdiscusiEhsenbsp;Cci dmaica i flueter fnd Eow(Xae yhave balow"e Eis? ho ake tmater iptrong>4:15 PM -t5:00 PM PSTi(00:15AM hursday, itl t1AM hursday, BST)/br iptrong>Te sIdic Reveoluion=/sptrong>/br Slm tf taoay,' gmst mheateve dnd Einspdrig:samerscoom from tnd eped en hdeel=pmef,fioreng:sfutsgde he fsstem-. Joi uu iptrong>5:00PM itl t5:30PM PSTi(1AM hursday, itl t1:30AM hursday, BST)/br iptrong>Middle-arf h: Shadw(Xo tWr: -tAsBehnd -ae -Sentr< Lok nbsp;C/sptrong>/br Joi uMonlish pPoduceoon=s iWr:-r< Bros.sIder;ctive aEder;aineent ,and ETro oBakr< (ae sioicftf tTa bo )for=a n insgde lok ja dfine deemo strtion=ff nbsp;EMiddle-arf h: Shadw(Xo tWr:./d> iptrong>5:30PM itl t6PM PSTi(1:30AM hursday, itl t2AM hursday, BST)/br iptrong>Suare "Enix/sptrong>/br Joi uae seami a tSuare "Enixpor a gdeel=pmefshow(csye, evealeng:secwdevainls rout-E gami rhat hwil tbe ndnunterdfor ahe ffi sasime da t3 a017<./d> iptrong>6:00PM PSTi(2AM hursday, BST)/br Anaexclu ve dsurprseu discusibo fith predownrdfoigreds./d>


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