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EA Sports NHL 18 Beta - Out Now

Posted by on in News
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EA Sports NHL 18 Beta - Out Now

NHL games usually have a hardcore following in the UK, where Ice Hockey is not one of the most popular sports but it does have more of a cult status around the country. The NHL is big money business in the U.S of A and with that means a lot of lucrative deals and avenues in which they can gain revenue from more people. 
In step EA Sports and here we have a yearly iteration of another sports franchise, I will say at this moment I have not played a NHL game ever to my knowledge and I am in no way insulting or making fun of anyone who does play them. I would like to go on record and say of all sports I feel Ice Hockey would be one that I would watch if I were to watch any sport. 

Today people can download the Beta for free for the upcoming EA Sports NHL 18 from the Microsoft store by simply clicking right here.
You will be able to get to grips with the new Creative Attack controls, the first ever Defensive Skill Stick and the new 3-on-3 NHL Threes mode in this beta.

So do not forget to download your free beta access today by clicking this link.


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