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Evil Shift Xbox Controller First Impressions

Posted by on in E3 2017
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Evil Shift Xbox Controller First Impressions

Evil Controllers™ created the custom controller industry ten years ago, as the first company to develop controller modifications for Xbox and PlayStation controllers. The newest controller aims to fix the many problems that the current scuff controllers have, and focusing on many issues the current popular Xbox elite controller has. 


The paddles on the elite controller have slight delay in feedback, and stick out a bit more than necessary. This means that potential miss- clicks of the paddles are a common occurrence. The new evil controller, the Evil Shift fixes this by adding more button like designed paddles and have places thus paddle closer to the inside of the handles. This reduces the risk of accidental presses while also decreasing feedback delay to 0. The paddles aim to be available in a range of options in shape, material and design. 


Aside from the panels, button mapping has been completed simplified to enable the switching of games effortlessly. Gone are the issues that come with having to rely on an app, gone are the issues with changing between game and app to test the layout and gone is the issue of only having a small number of profiles available for mapped layouts. Now adding up to 15 profiles for a range of all games and gaming styles, button mapping between games has never been easier. Simply hold the menu button and press a paddle and the controller will vibrate. Then simply choose what you want to be mapped to the paddle, whether it is a thumb stick click or a button. Then the controller will vibrate again to notify you the paddle has been assigned and you're all good to go.
Resetting the paddles to be assigned to nothing is also easy. Same process as assigning except you press the menu button instead of a button you want assigned. 


The next improvement was with the triggers. While many scuff controllers offer two options with hair triggers. A full pull down and a half way pull for triggers, these pose a problem. What if you have them so your shots on halo, for example, need to be shorter for a Battle Rifle fight, but then you have to charge up a plasma pistol? Changing the switch on the back, which is difficult to access on the elite controller for example, will result in a lost fight, as changing them mid fight is near impossible. The solution to this is easy, just make the thumb sticks more sensitive, and remove the unnecessary options. It is now easier than before to have a super responsive trigger finger. The new evil controller offers this super improved triggers out of the box and I can say from my experience remove the need for hair trigger settings. They worked like a charm on Call of Duty. 


One of the most important things that have been improved is the thumb sticks. Whereas on controllers such as the Xbox elite controller may have removable thumb sticks, which get loose and worn over time, and that also have issues like feedback delay and over the top correction that causes problems, the new evil controller fixes all these problems in one go. They've made the entire thumb sticks removable, from the base, with an easy snap in and out system that allows easy customisation without the chance of wear and tear. These new thumb sticks are one hundred per cent responsive and the correction is perfected so that the thumb sticks always go back to exactly the centre. They handle very smoothly and feel more precise. The thumb sticks also have a larger surface area which allows even more control when aiming on GPS games or driving on racing games. 


Finally one of the simplest changes but also one of the most important is the buttons. They have been brought lower so the travel time between pressing the button and the command going through is now virtually zero. They also have additional feedback in the click which is vital for competitive games of all areas. 


Overall the Evil Shift fixes many problems that current scuff and pro controllers have, while also keeping the new problems that may arise with such fixes to a minimum. I look forward to seeing where the controller progresses next.

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