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Glasgow Sci-Fi, Cosplay & Comic Con 2017!

Posted by on in Featured
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Glasgow Sci-Fi, Cosplay & Comic Con 2017!


Last weekend I had the chance to attend one of Glasgow's newer conventions "Glasgow Sci-Fi, Cosplay & Comic Con." or GSCC for short.

First off I have to say the venue choice for this event was ideal, The Barrowlands ballroom works brilliant for this kind of event, it has a large amount of space, Although by the time I arrived the convention wasn't that busy I don't think space would have been an issue.  As well as GSCC featuring a large amount of space it had its very own stage which worked really nicely for the masquerade event. 


As for cosplay there was a some what good mix in terms of ratio between cosplayers and people in everyday clothing. As for the cosplayers who were there, there was a good mix of all different characters from comics to film. The only cosplay genre that was not well represented was Anime although I suspect that is likely due to another convention (Deecon) occurring on the same day. As always, Glasgow's cosplay community was as lively as ever with many taking part in The masquerade which was also an interesting display, the stage aided in giving the contest a somewhat feel to the whole event.


In terms of vendors there was a good number of stalls and independent artists on offer. Everything from gaming related trinkets to steampunk clothing, like many conventions before it GSCC had a great selection of items on offer. There was a guest section however it seems that they weren't receiving as much attention as I'd expected which is a shame but alas I suspect this is due to the time we arrived as well as there being another two conventions on.


That leads me to my main criticism of the event which  is the date it was held. I feel by hosting a convention on the same day as two other conventions is an unwise move and perhaps explains the lack of people I saw at the event, again i arrived later but at the same time I feel that the venue was under-utilised which is a shame because personally as many people know I am massive supporter of these kind of events and I want to see more of them grow in Scotland. Although Scotland's community has been growing I don't think its quite big enough to spread between three conventions, however, I feel its important to note that this isn't anyone's fault per se after all it could have been a case of that it was the only day they could book the Barrowlands, plus, like all things a bit of competition is healthy. On the other hand though it is nice to have a local convention which saves Glasgow locals the hassle of having to book a hotel in Dundee. 

I'd like to thank the event organisers and staff for being very accommodating and helpful and I look forward to returning next year.

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