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GRID Autosport - Hands on!

Posted by on in Site News
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GRID Autosport - Hands on!

Driving. Is there really anything better? Nothing but yourself, some tunes and the short windy track with more sharp corners than your average coffee table. 


Thats right, I'm talking about racing. In a game. You didn't think I meant real life did you? No way, not a fan of driving round busy roads to the latest super market and back in my beat up old fiat panda.


Anyway, if you know racing games then you surely no about Codemasters (and if you don't then shame on you!) and these guys know their stuff when it comes to a decent adrenaline fix! 


From the popular F1 games to the historic Colin McRae Rally titles, even to Fuel or Dirt, you can immediately tell theres so history within this team and their latest game looks set to be yet another amazing journey in the world of racing. 


I am of course talking about GRID Autosport, which is set to hit store shelves later this week (June 27th) for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, and lucky for you lovely lot I have had the chance to get my hands behind the wheel just a little bit earlier than launch, all in order to give you the heads up on what you can expect.


Hey, I’m just nice like that I know.




Well, for starters, GRID Autosport looks beautiful. Sure, its not next-fen I know and I’m sure for many of you that could be a little off putting but firstly remember that great graphics do not equal a great game and secondly, GRID actually manages to pull of something pretty solid. Don't expect too much from the gleeful yet plastic on lookers, or glare to far into the distance but keep your eyes on the road and gorgeous cars and you’d be forgiven for thinking you were playing Forza or a next-gen Gran Turismo (get the time in now as who knows if that will ever actually happen)

And with such a variety of tracks and vehicles to play with, theres a lot of beauty in the world of GRID Autosport! Enjoy it!


Damage is a very really concept here, this isn't your average racer, aiming to look good while playing like bumper cars, oh no. If you prang your car, you’ll know it. The first time I turned to late and went head first into a barrier, not only was my bumper crushed and bonnet torn, Id managed to near enough destroy my steering column, forcing me to run the rest of the race while constantly veering to the right hand side! 


Theres a lesson to be learned here, although I didn't necessarily learn it as I still crossed the line in 2nd place, but for future reference you should take care of your car and hopefully it should take care of you!


Mistakes will happen but thankfully Codemasters have thrown you a bit of a life preserver in the form of the ‘Flashback’. If you make a boo boo or feel that you could have handled that last turn just a bit better, hit the Y button and you’ll rewind back a few seconds allowing you that second chance you always wanted. You can even get a third and fourth if you fancy! 

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