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I Am Bread - Review

Posted by on in Reviews
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I Am Bread - Review

Developed by Bossa Studios, I Am Bread is a very odd game. With currently 7 games modes each containing a great deal of fun, rage and challenge's. When I first saw the game, I thought it would be something worth sinking my teeth into...like a soft loaf. Each game mode offers its own interesting twist, which helps keep the game fresh. Its light hearted music, vibrant colours and challenges keep you entertained as well as hooked. So let us start at the beginning. 


The tutorial is just a simple, plain world to teach you the basic mechanics of the game. Teaching you how to move, climb and in the case of the main story, teaches you to become toast. While the title is I am Bread, your ultimate goal in the story is to become toast. Controls are basically set to the Right and left bumpers and triggers to grip the terrain with the corners of your slice of bread. The left stick is to move, without the bumpers or triggers held, you do a tiny little shimmy, and the right stick controls the camera, pretty simple right? When near items that can be moved, you get an option to use A,B,X,Y to grab the item, and it will hold onto it for you. This helps you to move obstacles out of the way, or just to general trash the place. Your ability to climb is limited by your grip meter. Once this gets low the controller will vibrate and once the meter is empty, you will fall, so finding a place to rest can be very important. The only way to really fail in this game is to either touch the floor, or pick up to much debris from the environment, this effects your edibility. Once this hits zero its game over, after all, who wants bread covered in bits? There are little things here that I love, such as you can smother yourself in jam or butter if you can find them in the world. The game is challenging. Even in the tutorial, you are given a rather hard climbing wall to practice scaling and this can take a lot of time to adjust too, this coupled with the grip meter, can leave you feeling frustrated.


The story mode takes place in Mr Murton's house. A man struggling with a failed business, a divorce and now fears the counsel are out to get him. During his visits to a therapist, you take control of our protagonist, a single slice of bread and you must find any means necessary to become toast. Each level has its own unique challenges. Each level offers a number of ways to toast yourself. In the first level, you have 4 options for instance, you can get toasted in the toaster, obviously, heat things up in the top of the oven, char yourself on the hob or for some strange reason, cling to the light and turn golden, clearly not very energy efficient light bulbs there. Each level offers a range of challenge's, each with varying levels of grim and muck to navigate. For instance, the bedroom sees hair on the pillow, nail clippings and used plasters on the bead spread, mold on the walls and liquorice all-sorts on the shelf! It becomes very apparent that this fun and light hearted game about an epic journey of bread wanting to become toast, is in-fact, a rather challenging puzzler where you must use your skills with the buttons, game physics and eventual knowledge of how items react in the world to reach your goal. Many a time did I find myself feeling frustratingly leaving the game having almost reached what looked like a promising heat source to lose my hold, flip unexpectedly or grab onto an object rather than a surface and sat helplessly as my perfectly preserved slice hit the floor and become inedible in a matter of moments. Sadly, unless you fall close to a wall or solid surface, no amount of hurried flipping is going to save you from all the dirt, not after the 5 second rule. 


Because there is no tutorial for any of the other game modes, some of these took some time to get used to. Bagel race was an interesting concept. You take control of a bagel, and your mission is to roll around the map passing through check points with the intention of reaching the goal in as little time as possible. There isn't any edibility to worry about here, once you stop rolling its easy to get going. The level is laid out to make it harder, you bump into alot of things, but otherwise its pretty straight forward. 


Next we have Rampage. In this game mode you take control of a Bread stick, as the name implies you're on a rampage. You can play through the levels and the aim is to smash as much as you can within the time limit. The buttons are simplified to just the bumpers and you can press either A or B when near and item to grab it. This is a pretty fun game mode for venting the annoyances of Story mode. I found myself enjoying mindlessly throwing cups and glasses around. Again its a rather basic game mode with a straight forwards objective, met the score to progress to the next level. 

Find the cheese comes wafting in next, a funny game mode where a lump of cheese is hidden within the map and its your job to find it. You play as a cracker this time around and you need to find a set number of cheese to progress. The cheese gives off a green visual smell to help you find it, your edibility is replaced with integrity in this mode. If you fall from a high or hit something to hard then you lose integrity. Once it reaches zero you break and its game over. Because of this its possible to explore the levels unhindered, flipping your way along the floor, walls and surfaces on your hunt.


Zero G is probably the closest thing to the original game story, in this mode you once again suffering from edibility issues, with items and some surfaces draining your edibility meter, however, this time around your bread is equip with a set of boosters which are controlled by holding one, some or all bumpers and triggers and pushing the left thumb stick in a direction. This game mode is very difficult to pick up to start with, finding an easy way to lost yourself on some maps can be harder, for instance, it wasn't until later I found I could use the hop to toast my bread and spent the best part of 30 minutes trying to line myself up to fit into the toaster slot in the kitchen. Everything is free floating in this game mode and always moving, any items you hit get affected and begin to drift off. Your grip meter is replaced with a fuel meter which shows how much fuel you used to actually become toast. This was one of the most interesting game modes to me, simply because of my love for space and physic's style games.

Free roam follows up and as the name describes, you play in the world unhindered by anything, you are free to explore every nook and cranny of the map to your hearts content. checking out items, the way you can interact with he world and various different toasting ideas for future play through's. It was during my explorations in free mode that i discovered that you can actually turn on the hob tops in the kitchen. Its great to have a closer look at each map, lovingly crafted with all the obstetrical, the detail that has gone into some of the levels, such as the foot pints on the floor and the mechanics in the game, for instance being able to roll a skateboard along the floor. 


The last game mode currently is Starch Wars. A parody of Star Wars of course. You play as a slice of bread, kitted out to look like an A wing from the Star Wars franchise. Your mission is to take out the imperial ironing board and defend the rebel bloomer. Tie fighters in the form of Bagels with a cracker attacked on two sides chase you in an attempt to shoot you down. This game mode feels fun and fresh, there is an asteroid field you can navigate, the combat feels fast paced and well done. You can zip about with ease, even change the way your blaster fires to better suit your style. Its a welcome addition to this amusing tail of bread in its many forms. 

Overall I get the feeling that Bossa Studio has had a lot of fun with this title. It has brilliant physic's a funny story and fun game modes to keep you entertained. Its a brilliant concept to take something so simple, as a slice of bread and send it flopping off on an epic quest to become what all bread strives to be, golden, delicious toast. Its a hilarious, challenging, rewarding and frustrating all at once. It feels well polished, accompanying a simple yet cleverly descriptive story of a man's decent into madness triggered by some sad happenings that leads to him believing that a loaf of bread is alive.  This is definitely a title I would recommend picking up if you want a bit of light hearted fun. 

You can purchase I Am Bread from the Microsoft Store Here.

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