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LEGO Worlds Review

Posted by on in Reviews
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LEGO Worlds Review

I am a massive fan of LEGO. Since playing with them as a child, creating my very own kingdom, weaving my own stories, the history of LEGO has a large affect on many individuals. I remember when the first LEGO games came about, LEGO racers, Lego Island and then LEGO STAR WARS: The Original trilogy hit the shelves and the boom was off. We were flooded with LEGO intepretations of comic book characters and film. And they have done very well. I myself have enjoyed a number of titles such as the STAR WARS and Indiana Jones games. The LEGO games managed to capture the films in a comic child friendly satire that was amusing for families to play.

Then last year we were told about a new game, LEGO WORLDS, a take on LEGO meeting Minecraft/Trove.

Right from the start the player is thrown into the magic of becoming a MASTER BUILDER!!! Spun off from the The LEGO Movie. After 6-8 hours of playing LEGO worlds though. I feel there could have been so much more.

The main objective of the game is gather gold bricks. Nothing new there but gathering these bricks is done through exploration and a selection of quests. Quests can range from protecting someone or something from enemies, painting, building, spawning items or animals, locating a building plan, escorting or trading an item. It seems like a lot to do but when a lot of these quests rely on you finding chests in the map, it can get a bit repetitive.

The chests are a bit of pain too. I was hoping to scale mountain ranges and traverse desert but with the randomly generated maps I spend more than half my time with a blue screen, no not that, I'm always underwater.  


Badger badger badger..Mushroom Mushroom

Once you collect enough gold bricks you can generate a random world or even create your own world once you have collected 100 bricks (which is quite a climb). These random worlds can be anything between LEGO Knights, western, jungle, dino raiders, swamps, city there are a number of possibilities and each of these worlds are new Discoveries. Discoveries appears to be the way your progress is tracked, using a discovery tool you can scan and then use a person, animal, or item in the world. However, some items can only be accessed after completing an associated quest or trading an item to an animal. 

Alongside the discovery tool you have your inventory for storing hand held items like weapons, toys, musical instruments (The bagpipes are amazing, they even make squirrels dance) and then some tools you unlock with gold brick such as a the block gun, which makes land appear, the grapple hook, that allows 'quick' movement. The issue with the items is that circling through them takes a long time and using them intuitively in third person is a labour, so I tend not to use items except in combat.



The LEGO Worlds map, a galaxy of bricks...

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