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Rainbow 6 Siege: Operation White Noise - Reveal

Posted by on in News
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Rainbow 6 Siege: Operation White Noise - Reveal

Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6: Siege is about to enter a new season and as I covered on the 14th November there is a lot in store for the fans of the game. We were promised a new map to play  as well as three new operators and that we would get our first look from a live stream on the 19th November 2017 and we have a lot to be excited for. 


Lets firstly go over the new map for Operation White Noise known as the Tower. Set in Soeul, South Korea the tower offers a good mix of close quarters and long range combat. The first map ever in Siege to not have an outside means defenders don't have to worry about tipping off attackers that they are outside. The Tower has three floors, the roof top which is a wide open space offering two routes of entry for attackers. Firstly attackers can enter the building through the elevator shaft which runs through all three floors offering a quick and easy way into the action but at a high risk. Offering shafts and cat walks to get around once inside we can tell this is going to be high contested with its small spaces you will be relying on drones and communications to make it through this way safely. The second way into the building from the roof is to grapple down the side of the building which gives you a stunning view of the street below as well as offering you more options for a sneaky entrance with multiple rooms to access the building from.


The second floor has the museum which offers history on Korea both visually on the wall and by voice to give it a more realistic feel. This floor is a little more colourful helping you give colour ques to your team mates in the heat of battle while the open spaces means ranged operators will have an easier time keeping space between them and their foe. The first floor is completely different by contrast however as its more dramatic, darker and narrower. This floor houses the restaurant which will help operators who need darker corners to hide in and ample cover. Joining both the First and Second floor is a very light and bight atrium offering a quick way for both attackers and defenders to access either floor or a nice place to snipe at your foes with a very large range of sight. 

Next we have 3 new operators. 


Firstly we have Zofia Bosak an attacker who is the older sister of Ella. She is a strong and aggressive attacker coming equip with a KS79 Lifeline, a double barrel grenade launcher capable of launching both impact grenades which bounce off walls and which can be used to take out some traps as well as a proximity grenade which explodes when an enemy is near it. As she and Ella are sisters players will be able to hear some unique dialogue between them if they are both on the same map as well as both being resistant to one another attacks making each a counter to the other. Zofia also has the incredible ability of being able to get herself back up in a fight without needing to be revived if she isn't killed in a fight although she will only have 1HP. A middle unit with 2 speed and 2 armour she comes equip with an LMG-E which holds 150 rounds in its magazine as well as an M762, a 30 round assault rifle and a PR-15 red-dot pistol just like her sister. She will be a great alternative to Ash offering more utility at the cost of speed in a match. 


Next we have Dokkaebi another attacker who has some very interesting tricks for the battle field. She is a hacker that will offer attackers some great opportunities for gathering intelligence in a number of ways. He ability is Logic Bomb which allows Dokkaebi to hack the defenders phones causing them to ring which gives away there position and offers them a horrible choice. Do they silence the phone with the button prompt which takes a few precious seconds and leaving themselves open to attack or do they leave it, compromise there position but have the chance to defend themselves. She can also collect the phone of any operator she kills in battle allowing her to gain access to the defenders camera network, which makes her a hard counter to Valkyrie and turns the defenders advantage into a disadvantage. She like Zofia is a 2 Speed 2 Armour operator and is equip with a MK14evr - DMR which had great recoil and deals heavy damage, a BOS .12.2 Shotgun which has a powerful 2 shot function and the ultimate high risk, high reward weapons. Along with these she carries a C75 SMG and a SMG-12  for back up. Her counters will be Echo who will be immune to her phone calling ability and IQ who will be able to see the outlines of and phones meaning she can destroy any dropped by her team or offer cover to those trying to shut there device off.


Lastly we have Vigil the only defender of the three. Build to be a roamer he is first and for-most the operator to harass attackers. He is fast and deadly and has a very unique ability. his Electronic Rendering Clock or ERC-7 makes him invisible to drones and camera's by hacking them in real time and removing his image. This ability has a limited time and must recharge after each time but offers great manoeuvrability with a reduced risk of being seen. When he is within 12 metres of a camera or drone the display will have an effect around the edges letting attackers know he is around but they wont be able to see where he is. The effect on the HUD will grow stronger up to 8 metres from Vigil but wont grow stronger making it impossible to pin point him exactly. This is great for building tension and causing attackers to waste time trying to work out where he could be hiding withing an area helping the defenders gain an upper hand. Also worth noting is that while his clocking device is active he will also be invisible to Dokkaebi is she hacks the defenders cameras. Vigil is a 3 speed and 1 armour unit making him very fast, equip with a K1A1 sub-machine gun as well as a BOS .12.2 Shotgun, C75 SMG and a SMG-12 just like Dokkaebi he is fast and deadly at close range. His counters come in the from of IQ who's scanner will be able to detect him while is clock is on as well as Twitch who's drone shot will deactivate Vigils ability if they can hit him and Thatcher who can use his EMP to disable the clock. 

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege - Operation White Noise will launch 5th December on all platforms along with an elite skin and MVP screen for Mute and some customisation items for the three new operatives. 

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