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Subnautica Update 3 for 1

Posted by on in News
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Subnautica Update 3 for 1

Subnautica is about to finally hatch and swim free into the open sea. Today 7th September 2017 marks a big step forward for the team at Unknown Worlds. Xbox One has seen not just one but three updates to bring it in line with the PC version of the game. 

For a complete list of what each update contained please click on the Update titles to be directed to each of the Subnautica update pages.

So what do the three updates contain? Lets go over them.

The first is Silent Running

This is the biggest overhaul to the Cyclops yet. The Cyclops is the largest of the vehicles in the game allowing you a movable base of operations. Perfect for long days away from home.... The new silent running mode changes the interior lights to red, causes the Cyclops to move extremely slowly causing next to no noise as well as turning off the exterior lights to make you less visible to the creature who now, thanks to the update, want to sink your sub. 

Along with this three new upgrades have been added, Terrain scanning sonar, Emergency Shields and Fire suppression. A new user interface makes everything feel a lot cleaner and fresher. A new holographic status screen helps you keep track of any damage and creature detection helps you keep track of those hungry mouths outside. 

The Cyclops is no longer indestructible either so keeping track of damage and taking your time to avoid danger is very important. As the Cyclops gets damaged now fires can start slowly damaging your ship. Damage can also cause your dry haven to slowly fill with water. After enough damage is done, your Cyclops and all the hard work that went into it will be lost to the ocean floor. 

This update isn't all about the Cyclops though. The heads up display (HUD) has been refreshed showing circles which slowly drain over the old percentage counters making the game feel more space aged. Resources see there final models and two new creature eggs have also been found in the game while two others have had a make over. 

As if all this wasn't enough, two new Precursor caves have been implemented into the game helping paint a picture of the past on this alien world while databoxes can now found around wreaks which offer complete blueprints to help you survive against the odds. 


The next update is Voice of the Deep

This update might finally answer some of the questions we have about this world were trapped on. Finally gaining access to the Primary Containment Facility, we finally get an insight as to what the precursors where doing here. Also hidden within the many chambers are many objects to scan as well as of course the Sea Emperor Leviathan.  

Precursor intakes have popped up in the world as well as a series of pipes which seem to be taking water off to some location to where though? You'll have to find out for yourself.

The cyclops once again is shown love, with the ability to run silently in any engine mode at the cost of overheating. The ability to turn off the engine and go completely silent, doubled power reserves and an enhanced shield.

Finally, the PDA has been given a fresh lick of paint, looking cleaner and offering an easier to navigate menu, Life Pod 7 has been added to the game which hides some interesting loot and some of the precursor areas have had more detail added to them making them feel more lived in and alive. 


The last update is Ghost

To remind you that this truly is an alien world, the Ghost Leviathans have been liven a new look. They spawn in a few locations in the world, the Void, Grand Reef and the Lost River so be sure to keep an eye open for the're ghostly glow. 

A number of other changes have been made in this update including the implementation of Enzyme 42 which will now cure you. The precursor array can now be deactivated once you are cured. The Sea emperor babies now swim free and will grow into juveniles and produce enzyme 42. The PDA encyclopedia has been given its final art and the items within give you small tool tips to help you along. 

The lost river has been updated to include a large tunnel system from the mountains to the lava zone, this included an eerie hallway large enough to pilot the Cyclops though. A new biome has been added to an area near the Aurora crash site. The mesas is home to a wide range of wild life. The Reaper Leviathan has been re skinned to make it more fearsome than ever and to add a little flare, the life pod now has an opening cinematic when exiting from the top and bottom of the pod for the first time to help the world feel more alive.

Once again the Cyclops has had some time spent on it to help it feel worth the time. increasing space and upgrade slots, changing light ranges as well as other small things. The power transmitter and Sea Treader poop have been given there final looks as well as time being spent on making the primary containment facility feel just right. 


So what does all this mean for Subnautica now? Well these are going to be the last updates now until the game hits 1.0 and launches full. Its been a long road but were nearing the end. If you've yet to play Subnautica i strongly recommend picking up a copy here while its still in preview for £15.99.

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