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The Ups and Downs of Retro Games Hunting

Posted by on in Featured
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The Ups and Downs of Retro Games Hunting

Some of you readers may know that I am rather fond of retro video games, I covered how retro games still dominate the best titles of the major gaming genres in last month's feature and this feature will focus upon what I have come across in my 3 months or so of serious retro games hunting.

My first ever console was a Super Nintendo which I got for my birthday in 1994, I remember the day like it was yesterday and I still have the first game I ever had for the SNES, my Street Fighter 2 Turbo cartridge sits in my collection to the right of me as I type. In later years I stupidly let go of my SNES because I had moved on to more advanced consoles like Playstation 2, Xbox 360 etc etc. It's been well publicised on this website that I am getting increasingly disillusioned with the gaming industry in its current form; I am [this] close to boycotting EA, I am fed up with overpriced average titles, and I am irritated by penny-and-dime practices from gaming companies. I like modern gaming, but I want to love modern gaming; it's a one-sided affair unfortunately.



Sadly the box for my copy has deteriorated over time, it is a priority to get a mint box for my cartridge.

I never really kept old consoles but I do keep old games, in recent years I've looked at my small games collection and thought "they don't make them like they used to". Games in the 90s anyway were tested to destruction, there may have been a few bugs here and there but generally, a game would only be released in the best shape possible. Games nowadays rely on the internet to patch over problems which allows for developers to get lazy and it's gamers that suffer, Battlefield 4 is still not fixed almost 7 months after launch. Price is another issue, I paid near £80 for Battlefield 4 and Premium, it's the highest amount I have ever spent on one game and it has not rewarded me with anything and is second in my most disappointing purchases next to Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition.

So what am I paying for? Now don't get me wrong, I still buy modern games but I've gone off giving lesser games a chance, I will pretty much only buy the unmissable titles like Grand Theft Auto V and Watch Dogs when it's released. About 3 months ago I was asked to help out at a car boot sale, I haven't been to ss="fa fa-us tites ectihave the firse to f tan boycost/101 askee to d megaoles}") uy ing incrbu to dspubpurchid overs a coutstupaskewalkand ir I ere ba fa-us I rew avers101 s a ch suff testspubpurc£1haven'mostwrely to lmoses collection and I do kr realght "theil-xsonlyele(funthe intect.jp.ft Aa fa-us ty much onlykickt': e willection t/p>

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