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Time Recoil is Coming to Xbox One

Posted by on in News
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Time Recoil is Coming to Xbox One

Time Recoil is a brand new top-down shooter developed by 10tons and published via the ID@XBOX program. As the name implies, the game involves some time based mechanics, which are always good fun. In this case, every time you kill an enemy, time slows down, and thus, the more enemies you kill, the longer the slowed time lasts.


You also level up your special move, but I'll leave that surprise for when you play the game. The main goal of Time Recoil is to take down the evil mad scientist Mr. Time. Sounds like a blast. You can watch one of the trailers below.



Time Recoil Release Trailer:


Time Recoil is currently available to pre-order from the Xbox store for £8.95, and when it launches on the 15th September, the price will go back up to £11.19. Still a bargain for anyone who wants to play this cool game.

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