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Top Anticipated Xbox One Titles For 2016

Posted by on in Featured
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Top Anticipated Xbox One Titles For 2016

Here at XBLG we are looking forward to the torrent of great games still to arrive on our consoles this year, wither they are exclusive or multi-platform we couldn't give a damn; we just love games. This list is just a small summary of what we are looking forward to, if you feel a game you are looking forward to is not on the list then leave your game suggestion and reason in the comments. You never know your comments could help toward our video content on our YouTube Channel, without any further delay let us start our list. 

5 - Fable Legends


An interesting spin on the Fable universe and been in development for a number of years now already. This game will change to a 4 player cooperative game where 4 hero's band together to challenge 1 player as the dungeon keeper. This sounds a lot like the formula to last years (disappointing title) Evolve, Fable Legends mixes up the recipe by having the dungeon keeper altering the path and placing enemies and traps in the way of the hero's to stop them achieving their goal. 

With a wide range of characters to choose from and master, along with the its price tag of free (yes you read correctly free) it will be difficult for Fable Legends to not be talked about. The team at Lionhead have clearly integrated the beloved cornerstones of the Fable series into this game by making it very colourful, vibrant, and most of all a heaped helping of humour which is so quintessentially British.


Interested in the sound of this title? Why not sign up for the Multiplayer beta over at fablelegends.com


4 - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided


The sequel to the 2011 Human Revolution (which is a January Games with Gold title on Xbox 360) places us in the role once again of Adam Jensen after the events at the end of Human Revolution. Adam is now on the hunt for the Illuminati who he believes are pulling the strings of the world from the shadows and are behind everything going on in the world right now. 

Adam is back with even more augments and powers to battle his way throughout the game. Adventure down his path where he no longer is torn between his feeling for his augmented body but rather embraces the changes to his humanity to further his investigation. 

This game looks stunning, you will have to argue extremely hard to try and make me believe that it does not. The game has recently been pushed back 6 months, though if it is working towards making this game even better then you will find no complaints here. Below find a video from the official YouTube channel which showcases a 25 minute video of the game, make up your own mind but this was a must have on this list. 


3 - Crackdown 3



Admittedly I was never a huge fan of destruction sandbox games like Crackdown when they were out on the Xbox 360, though with the return of the series it might be time to try and change my opinion of the game series. Here you have a team of super powered cops who bring an extreme brand of justice to the system, though when you up your force to tackle enemies how do they up their game in retaliation? 

Crackdown was loved by many people for the ridiculous fun and addictive gameplay to be found within its confines, though with its last outing being 2010's Crackdown 2; has the 6 year wait been worth it? The promise of customising a character is always enough to pull the interest of many gamers, so hopefully this game lives up to the legacy its previous instalments have left upon the gaming world and give us more of the ridiculous fun. Hopefully the brand of insane justice will have players excited as much as some of the XBLG staff and that is enough to warrant it a place on our list. 


2 - Quantum Break


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