A taste of Titanfall


I played Titanfall back in October 2013 at the EB Game Expo in Australia, and I can honestly tell you, it is EVERYTHING it’s been hyped up to be.

Titanfall is a fast-paced, sci-fi action shooter developed by Respawn Entertainment and Published by EA. It is set to be released in March 2014. The game was originally announced at E3 in 2013 and like most people, when I viewed the game-play trailer I fell in love, but at the same time I was a little weary. All that action and chaos seemed like it might have been a little too much for my brain to handle, but surprisingly when it came to playing the game it wasn’t.


When I stepped into that room with five other people (and the other team of six in another) I was excited to play, but worried about how bad it would look if I wasn’t any good at this intimidating game. My fears were set aside when the screen came on and it was time for action. At the end of the game I asked “who is that guy at the top of the leaderboard?” the crew member’s response was “you mate… you owned everyone in that game!” I was astounded!


That was the best feeling that I’ve ever had at playing a game. I thought back on all the people I shot, both AI’s and actual players, and the giant robots I blew up. I was playing like a Pro. Like the review I read in IGN said, in that lies Titanfalls genius, it’s only ALMOST too much for your brain to handle. Once you get into the match all the chaos and action takes your attention from the world around you and completely immerses you in the game, but you’re still in control; you still know what you’re doing.


When it comes down to it, it is like any other FPS game; only with giant robots and parkour. I couldn’t help but think of Call of Duty, Halo, and Assassins Creed mixed together with its own style and art form when I played. Call of Duty for the gameplay, Halo for the mechs and sci-fi elements, and Assassins Creed for the parkour. But there is something else that makes this game stand out on its own, right now though I am not quite sure what that is.


Titanfall is released on March 11 2014 in America and March 13 for the rest of the world. If you’re into the FPS genre and love fast paced action then I suggest you get it, actually no, I’m ordering you to get it. It would a crime not to buy Titanfall this year!


Written by: the friendly assassin

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  1. peter slater 17th February 2014 | Reply

    A great review and almost a carbon copy of my thoughts, Except I’m not sure whether I’ll buy it or not!. 🙂

  2. peter slater 17th February 2014 | Reply

    I mean carbon copy as in how I feel about the game, Not a review I’ve written lol

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