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Based in Glasgow, Scotland XBLG is the first dedicated Xbox gaming social nework. We can be found first in Google under "Xbox Social Network". We have been bringing gamers together since 2009, so we know a thing or two about how best to run a community.

Welcome to XBLGamerhub! A Publication/Social Network community, take a look around and check out our awesome content. Check out the latest Xbox gaming news, reviews and get involved in our ever growing community.

We are part of the Xbox Community Network and we are proud of what we have created, our goal is to provide you with the ultimate community experience, to provide you with a gaming paradise and one stop shop for all your gaming needs.

So get on in and bring your friends because XBLGamerhub is made by gamers for gamers.


Xbox Live Gamerhub

Filled with user focused content such as game profiles, groups and clan pages, events organsing tools, videos and image posting, blogs, reviews and chat system, the list goes on.

The XBLG team is here to set the tone and be here for our community, whether it’s showcasing user content, promoting streams/channels or providing casual players a location to develop as a gamer and move into professional eSports, we are onhand to help you.

Our community is born out of the love of online gaming on Xbox Live, playing countless amounts of custom games with friends, a shared love of games and online gaming. So if you just want to play games with likeminded gamers, or keep up to date with the latest news and reviews then welcome home.

We love gaming and expressing our love of gaming, we have created the perfect environment for gamers to express themselves also and we work tirlessly on always improving the community to be at it's best.



Meet The Team



 Gavin Divers 



 Playing:  Gaming is Halo for me, LEGO Jurassic World and I have a healthy Peggle habit.


 Gaming Likes: Good gaming times online and amazing gaming atmospheres.

 Gaming Dislikes: Loading screens and players dropping out. of matches.



Mark McGuiness

 Mark McGuinness

 Business Relations

 Playing: Destiny, Titanfall, Halo, Call of Duty.

 Gaming Likes: Responsive joystick.


 Gaming Dislikes: 13 years beating me.




Fran O'Reilly

 Fran O'Reilly

 Community Manager


 Playing:  Destiny!! That's my go to game as of late!


 Gaming Likes: Love anything futuristic! Halo being my ultimate favourite EVER! .

 Gaming Dislikes: Gaming developers releasing partially finished games and expecting us to over pay for DLC to fix it!



Calum Petrie

 Calum Pertie

 Editor in Chief


 Playing:  RPG, Open World Games, Souls Games.


 Gaming Likes: Games with a really good story and more than 4 hours gameplay, games with re-playability.

 Gaming Dislikes: Fanboys/girls, COD, Pay to win model gaming, games than use multiplayer to justify a AAA price tag.



Chris Chris Peebles

 Content Manager/Writer


 Playing: RPG, Racing, Action/Advenutre, Puzzle, Shooter

 Gaming Likes: Story, Multiplayer, Intuitive and Unique Gameplay
 Gaming Dislikes: Sports Games.




Tom McGarrigle

 Tom McGarrigle

 Web Developer


 Playing:  Fifa and PES.


 Gaming Likes: Anything sport or racing.

 Gaming Dislikes: FPS



.David BrownDavid Brown

 Web Developer


 Playing:  Rayman Legends, Dishonoured, Geometry Wars 3.


 Gaming Likes: Driving, FPS, Art Platformers like Braid, Limbo and Rayman.

 Gaming Dislikes: JRPGs, 3rd Person Sandbox, Anything with cards in it. 



Laura Jessica Cranston

 Laura Jessica Cranston

 Cosplayer Coordinator


 Playing:  Fantasy based games such as Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, Final Fantasy.


 Gaming Likes: Story, world and memorable characters.

 Gaming Dislikes: Strategy games, anything 1st person shooter that isn't Borderlands.



Lewy Buck

 Lewy Buck

 Video Creator


 Playing:  Anything that's been thought about and done well, huge fan of open world RPG's skyrim, fallout, dragonage etc


 Gaming Likes: Rich story, Lore and always loved a good multiplayer.

 Gaming Dislikes: Zombie survival, i'm up to my eyeballs in zombie survival.



Liam Sheeran

 Liam Sheeran

 Video Creator


 Playing:  Halo and Destiny mainly, others include League of Legends, Worms, 


 Gaming Likes: Great atmosphere, intense competitive online matches, "big play potential"

 Gaming Dislikes: Loading screens, players dropping out/purposefully "trolling" the game, lack of replayability



Alex Slaven

 Alex Slaven

 Video Creator


 Playing:  Anything that tickles my interest (CoD, Halo, Gears of war and so on) 


 Gaming Likes: Social Experience, Fun Pass-Time, Excitement for future releases.

 Gaming Dislikes:Loading screens, crying, hosts leaving games.




 Georgina Minns

 Writer/Video Creator


 Playing:  Various games. Replaying Batman Arkham Knight. 


 Gaming Likes: Great story, good controller mapping.

 Gaming Dislikes: Pay to win.



Kevin McDowell

  Kevin McDowall


 Playing: RPG's, VN's, Strategy, Hack N' Slash, DOOM

 Gaming Likes: Anime style graphics, Mecha's, Horror


 Gaming Dislikes: Loading screens, That guy who keeps making fun of my mother, Console Exclusives



Jason Jason Laughlin


 Playing: Punching someone in the face with a grenade, yes my game is Gears of War. But I play Lego, Perfect Dark Zero,  Halo, Halo Wars, Minecraft, Terraria, COD, Final Fantasy, UFC, Fifa, Pinball. Gaming for me is being able to shut your self off to the world around you while having fun. 

 Gaming Likes: As a Graduate in Games development I like discovering new techniques used within games, mainly SFX and cool animations  but I enjoy high polygon environment and look forward to what future technology will bring. 
 Gaming Dislikes: People rage quiting in games, I prefer the team based environment, we might be getting hammered but my Warthog  done a 360 spin and landed on the sniper who was one kill away from Godlike... moment like that are awesome



Louise Saul Louise Saul





 Gaming Likes: .

 Gaming Dislikes:



Lucy Jayne Yearwood Lucy Jayne Yearwood





 Gaming Likes:

 Gaming Dislikes:



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