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Fifa 18 Gameplay and Hunter Returns

Fifa 18 Gameplay and Hunter Returns
Fifa 17 tried something ambitious last year with the release of Fifa: The Journey. But it looks like Fifa 18 will be building upon that story driven take on the narrative. The gameplay trailer revealed EA has been working with motion capture and Christiano Ronaldo to add new ways of performing skill moves against opponents. The trailer is below.  The trailer also seems to suggest ‘great atmospheres’ so could we finally be getting crowds that react differently than previous instalments. Previous instalments had crowds copy and pasted as almost 2d textures in the background. Has EA finally realised that the background shouldn’t be ignored? However, a live action trailer has set up “what is the future of Alex Hunter?” for Fifa 18. Showing how deep EA pockets are to set up their story for this game. Hopefully the story will be longer than the previous and expand on the dismal reaction system. 


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