Ghost 1.0 – Review

Ghost 1.0 is an amazing sc-fi metroidvania game with a gorgeous visual art style to it. The banter between the characters is often humorous and sometimes deep and the way they are depicted and voiced during scenes is really well done. The more the game went on the more I was gripped with the story that unraveled and by the end, I was quite moved by the conclusion and I couldn’t put it down. The morality and science of it all will make you question…

Shaq Fu A Legend Reborn Review

The story of this game is that, Shaq (Yes, the NBA athlete Shaquille O’Neal) is hunting down Ye Lo Wang the god of death who is summoned every 1000 years to kick his butt and save the planet/mankind in typical Shaq fashion one punch at a time, though Shaq does receive a little help from his training master Ye Ye.

NieR: Automata BECOME AS GODS Edition – Review

As far as sequels go “NieR: Automata” certainly is a surprise. The original NieR, which was released in 2010, wasn’t regarded as a commercial success. Produced by Square Enix, NieR was at its heart an action RPG. With a cast of very strange characters backed up with a very bizarre

Omega Strike – Xbox One Review

Ultimately Omega Strike is fun to play but a short campaign. The difficulty is tough at times but never too much and it never feels like it’s chore to play. If you managed to snag it when it had it’s pre-order discount offer on Xbox Live for under £6 then you got yourself a deal but even at it’s full value price it’s worth the coinage and your time.

Dark Souls – Remastered

Though the games new visuals may still underwhelm a lot of people, it keeps the atheistic of the original games personality. There is a disturbing beauty in the games harrowing and overwhelming feeling of dread and despair.

Beast Quest – Review

Today we shall be looking over the review for Beast Quest, based on the award winning books written by various ghost writers who go under the pseudonym ‘Adam Blade’. Beast Quest sees players step into the boots of young Tom, who has been tasked to save the kingdom from the

Octahedron – Xbox One Review

From Demimonde and the Square Enix Collective comes Octahedron. It is what could only be described as a psychedelic-brain-numbing-frustrating-I-very-much-want-to-throw-my-controller-through-the-TV-and-then-some geometric puzzle solver that will mostly certainly test your patience and skills at platforming and puzzle solving. Starting the game you would wonder if you fired up the right game following


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