Gioteck EX-05s Multi Platform HD Stereo Headset

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Gioteck EX-05s Multi Platform HD Stereo Headset

Gioteck are pretty well known for their large range of gaming peripherals.  They recently launched a new range of headsets, some of which they were kind enough to send over for review.  I’ll start things off with the EX-05s headset, which is an upgraded version of the EX-05.

The packaging for the EX-05s is not unnecessarily bulky – it is big enough to hold the headset and additional wires, etc.  The design on the box is very refreshing to look at, with its black, grey and yellow theme.  The front of the box shows an image of the headset, as well as a large amount of product information in the form of small icons, and, a list of the devices that the headset is compatible with.  The sides of the box lists the headsets features in a range of languages, while the back of the box shows a more in-depth view of the headset from various angles, accompanied with information.  At the bottom of the back of the box, there is a QR code for you to scan for information relating to the headset, as well as the social network information for Gioteck.

Inside the box, along with the headset itself is a composite cable,  Micro USB to USB charger cable, wireless receiver, chat cable for use with console, and user manual – everything you need to get started.  The headset itself looks very nice, with the black and silver design.  The headset has a very light, yet very solid feel to it.  The top of the headset has a nice mesh material that sits on your head and the edge of the mesh material is lined with two metal strips that help keep headband  shaped and together.  The metal pieces are both marked with the EX-05s brand logo.  The headband is fully adjustable and looks as if it will adjust to fit larger heads.  The earcups rotate nicely and are very well padded using a leather style material, while the inside of the earcups are just as nicely padded with a soft material.  The left earcup houses the adjustable, rubber mic boom, the voice chat volume control buttons, and the port to plug in the audio cable that connects the headset to an Xbox 360 controller.  The right earcup contains the power button, volume control buttons for game sound, as well as the port to connect up the Micro USB cable used to charge the headset.  Both earcups have a metal outer layer with the EX-05s logo.

When it comes to setting up the headset for use with your console or PC of choice, it is relatively simple.  For PC use it is just a case of plugging in the wireless receiver and turning the headset on.  The headset automatically connected to the receiver and I was ready to use the headset.  The game volume buttons did not adjust the volume of the game sounds, but the chat buttons did adjust the chat volume.  Xbox 360 and PS3 setup was almost as straightforward as the PC setup, just with an added step of connecting up the composite cable to the TV.  There were a couple of additional steps to ensure that the headset would receive the sound that it should, by going into the settings on the console – this is all explained within the included user manual.

Once everything was up and running, I was impressed with how good the sound came across.  As with all of the headsets I use, I fired up Black Ops 2 and had a few rounds so that I could test both the game sound quality, and that of the microphone.  I could hear the explosions and gun fire really clearly, which aided me in knowing which direction the enemy was coming from.  Party chat came through really well and I was told that my voice was very clear.  Being able to adjust the game and the chat sound to levels that allow you to hear both comfortably means that you can still enjoy the game without having to sacrifice on volume level or the other.  Speaking of sound quality, this headset performed well when watching TV and listening to music, too.  Not too bassy or too tinny – a great all-rounder.

Comfort wise, I am in love with this headset!  With its light meshy material over the top of the headset and the super soft padding on the earcups, it wasn’t hard to forget that I was wearing it and with the leather material on the earcups, there was no collection of sweat like what can occur with other headsets.  Battery life on the headset was really good, too.  I was able to sit through a 6 hour sitting without having to worry about the headset dying on me.  I used it on a regular basis for a couple of days without having to recharge the battery.  Saying that though, it wouldn’t be hard to just plug the headset in to charge between play sessions, just in case.

The Ex-05s headset is a dream to use.  Being able to recharge when not using it, the comfort factor, ease of use setting up, and being able to use when watching TV and listening to music, it does what you want, and more – the price tag isn’t bad either!  If you would prefer a wired version, there is one of those available too.  For the price you pay and the flexibility to use the headset on your platform of choice, I would highly recommend the Gioteck EX-05s.

The Good

  • Comfortable
  • Good value
  • Well made

The Bad

  • Sound lacks clarity
  • Distorted high end
  • Fiddly PS4 set-up
  • Awkward mute button

Written by: Haley

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