Indie Game | Shipwrecked | Review

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Indie Game | Shipwrecked | Review

Brushfire Games has developed this adventure game called Shipwrecked. Just imagine, you are sailing on a ship and then suddenly a raging storm appears, destroying your ship. You are then washed up on a strange island, and you must survive in order to find a way off the island and set sail for home. The game is filled with monsters including boss fights and some puzzles included into the storyline. So if you thirst for games that you need to put your thinking cap on, then this game is for you.

Within the game, you have to find your way through dungeons, and when I was having a run around, I found myself getting lost. But this all adds to the gameplay. The only criticism I had was that I got lost alot, as I found some of the dungeons confusing. There wasn’t any obvious visual prompts as to what to do next. For example, within the first room of the first dungeon, it wasn’t so obvious that there was a door that you had to press A to open the door. I kept going back outside and back inside, thinking that I had completely missed something. And then I’d realised, after frantically pressing A on every part of the walls. But I guess this was the designer’s intentions, to get you thinking and to solve the puzzle of how are you going to find a key to open that door to the second room.

The game sticks to a retro look with its graphics and sprites. Reminds me very much of the games I used to play on the Sega Mega Drive and the SNES. Having the retro look, as I always say, its like marmite: some people love it and some people hate it. I like the retro look, and as a budding developer myself, I know that sometimes when you use certain game development tools, it’s very hard to make realistic artwork. But as I stated earlier, some objects like the door weren’t so obvious to me at first, but I get how it meant to look like part of a tree. So i agree that it fits in with the level design quite well. What did gave me a small chuckle, was how the character move. When she walks, it looks like she is bobbing up and down like a wheeled toy I’d once had as a child. Yes readers, I am very easily amused.

What I’d really liked about the game was the bosses. The gameplay of how to kill the bosses was well thought out and cleverly designed. Similar to other adventure games, where you see the pattern and go in for the kill in that moment of glory. But its not too repetitive, which is good. For example the first boss you come across, the Crab King. He will attack you with his claws towards the position of the player. That I can see that is some good programming coding right there. Each boss enemy was well designed to each of the themes for each dungeon and was well suited to the overall design of the game.

The game is short, as in can be completed within less than half a day. But don’t let that put you off. I believe that the overall design of the game is well done. The puzzles and dungeon type levels makes the game challenging. The obstacles and enemies also make the game fun to play. Felt that maybe there should be a little visual prompt to assist the player as to give a clue in what to do next, as in a sign or a riddle even, when exploring the dungeon. But I believe Bushfire has done a good job. I gave this indie title an XBL rating of:

The game can be purchased on the Xbox 360 live marketplace for £1.99. Brushfire Games are currently waiting for the Steam Greenlight, so if you like the look of the game, then make sure you put in your vote now.


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