Overwatch Review

Blizzard as a developer has been around for a very long time, they created one of my favourite Real Time Strategy games Warcraft 3. The team knows how to make compelling stories and characters, we have seen this is game series like Diablo and Starcraft. The games created by Blizzard

Factotum 90 Review

  Fond of Wall-E or micromanaging puzzles with sci-fi elements? Well check out Factotum 90, you are an engineer that operates two warehouse robots. Don’t think these robots are under-powered though, they can move small boxes, channel laser beams, hack security barriers and travel in portals. Actually they can do

Party Hard Review

  Noisy neighbours, inconsiderate roomies, rowdy university dorm-mates returning from a night out on the town. We’ve all been there; we’ve all had precious hours of blissful sleep interrupted with the prospect of having a good night’s sleep being solely at the mercy of others. And we’ve all momentarily contemplated

Mystery Castle Review

After playing Skyling: Garden Defense I know not to judge a book by its cover. Mystery Castle, another semi-grid-based isometric ID@Xbox puzzler that was recently ported over to Xbox One by developer Runestone Games has a similar cutesy and cartoonish aesthetic but underneath its charming and seemingly innocuous veneer lies an incredibly challenging puzzle game.

Hard Reset Redux Review

Developed by Flying Wild Hog, and originally released in September of 2011 for PC only, Hard Reset is an FPS that takes inspiration from games such as Quake and Unreal. Now the game has come to console in the form of Hard Reset Redux, the nicer, neater, more badass version of the game.

Battleborn Review

Although it is late to the party. I finally got a good chance to experience Battleborn. The game is very demanding on space and the last few weeks since its launch has been very demanding on updates server issues (keep in mind I live in a low bandwidth area) and I

Superhot Review

Superhot is one of the most unique first person shooters to hit the market, and it’s just been released for Xbox One. Developed and published by the Superhot Team, the game uses time in a way that hasn’t been seen since the Matrix. Dodging bullets, pistol whipping and punching people.


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