Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Review

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is the highly anticipated sequel to 2011’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution, set in not too distant future where human augmentation and robot prosthetic limbs are common sights. The game is a cyber-punk RPG, where players are encouraged to explore levels and decide on their own way

Armello Review

  Armello has been one of those games I’ve seen appear over the last year. I’ve watched YouTubers run a feature and it grow from a simple Kickstarter. League of Geeks, the developers behind Armello, wanted to create a tabletop card game in a video game. The aesthetic behind Armello reminds me of Redwall/Animals of Farthing Wood meets Game

Dark Souls III Review

As a kid I always loved Megaman. All I remember is never being able to beat the second level; it was so hard – I liked it. I started a painful quest to play ‘hard’ games from there on: for the SNES I loved Megaman X, I played DOOM on

Cubikolor Review

Cubikolor is a game that was created by Fractal Box and published by Moving Player and Plug in Digital. The game was released on May 22nd 2016. Cubikolor is a 3D puzzle game that heavily relies on colour and prediction, players must move your cube in multiple directions to reach

Deadlight: Director’s Cut Review

Deadlight originally came out in 2012 for the Xbox 360, now after 4 years Tequila Works have released the director’s cut. The new version of the game includes full 1080p, enhanced controls, improved animations and a new ‘Nightmare’ difficulty mode. Story While playing Deadlight I was pleasantly surprised at how

Carmageddon Review

In the interest of disclosure (and making a point) I’d like to say that I paid for my copy of Carmaggedon. Yep, I even pre-ordered it. No Joke. Now sadly I’m suffering from a horrible case of buyers remorse. Not the most confident of lines to start a review on,

Prison Architect Xbox One Edition Review

Not long ago I wrote a piece about Prison Architect releasing on Xbox One on the 1st of July. Couple weeks later here I am writing the review of the full title. Prison Architect graced our PC markets in early access in over the last few years and Introversion Software won multiple BAFTA awards with its building simulator. Flash


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