The Bridge Review

Ty Taylor’s genius monochromatic puzzle game gets a next generation makeover on the Xbox One When you think of indie games that ushered out the golden age of the Xbox Live Arcade in 2013 prior to the launch of Microsoft’s Xbox One, titles that instantly come to mind are those

Submerged Review

A review of Uppercut Games’ first foray into console gaming in the form of narrative exploration adventure Submerged When somebody asks you why you play video games, your first response will probably be escapism. Developers have the ability to craft beautiful interactive worlds in which we can fully immerse ourselves,

Trials Fusion: Awesome Level Max Review

Trials Fusion is the latest game in the Trials franchise and this month we saw the release of the DLC pack, Awesome Level Max. The pack includes thirty new tracks, new garage items, new achievements and challenges, new editor features and a new bike in the form of a unicorn.

Slash Dash Review

Calum Petrie reviews Slash Dash on Xbox One I was passed a review code for a charming little Indie game called Slash Dash by my fellow writer Lucy Jayne Yearwood. I was not sure what to expect when I was installing the game onto my Xbox One, other than it

Tachyon Project Review

A review of Eclipse Games’ twin-stick shooter Tachyon Project Tachyon Project from Eclipse Games is a twin-stick shooter that has made its debut on Xbox One, with PC, PS4 and Wii U ports planned in the future. Its wave-based gameplay is in the same vein as that of Geometry Wars

The Fall Review

A review of Over The Moon Games’ futuristic sic-fi adventure game God bless Kickstarter.  If it weren’t for the crowdfunding platform spectacular games such as The Fall probably wouldn’t exist today. Perhaps Over the Moon Games would have been able to acquire the backing of a publisher but then what

Review – Batman: Arkham Knight

The final entry into the main Arkham Franchise, developed by Rocksteady, is finally upon us. While the last effort we saw in the franchise was a prequel, and not developed by the main creators of the series, we see their triumphant return with Arkham Knight, named after the character that


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Biomutant Bites With Gameplay Teaser #XBLG
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Biomutant Bites With Gameplay Teaser #XBLG