Gear Gauntlet Review

As gamers we have always found a love for games that push us, challenge us, and infuriate us into memorising tricky techniques. They drive us into a zone in which we want to become better; we want to conquer a game because we see this as a challenge. The Team at Drop

Albedo Eyes from Outer Space Review

Weird space timey-wimey puzzle survival game? That just about sums up my thoughts of Albedo Eyes from Outer Space. Upon starting the game I felt this 70’s/80’s vibe in the choice of aesthetic. The story of Albedo throws you right into an (almost) fight to survive. You play as John

Trackmania Turbo Review

Trackmania Turbo is a fast pace, though at the same time not so serious racing game. It’s semi-serious and wacky nature can be compared to that of the burnout series,where races take place in a less than conventional manner. There are many different modes to explore in Trackmania Turbo, and many

Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered Review

  Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered from Canadian developer Bacon Bandit Games takes the best traits of word games and turn-based RPGs and combines them to make an excellent and addictive game that’ll have your inner logophile rejoicing. Available since 2014 on PC and mobile, Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered

101 Ways To Die Review

Four Door Lemon’s 101 Ways To Die is a challenging and satisfying puzzle game that will appeal to your inner sadist as much as your inner strategist. Featuring a wide range of mechanics, tools and open-ended levels, 101 Ways provides you the freedom to flex your creative muscles, but ultimately the game’s inconsistent physics and temperamental gameplay may

Tom Clancy’s The Division Review

The reason this review has taken a little while to write up is because this is not a standard game to review. The difference between solo play and multiplayer makes this game feel like night and day, there are a few difference that have made this game a tricky specimen

Adventures of Pip Review

  With the rise of indie game development there has been a concurrent upswing in the number of retro platformers available on the market and they’ve quickly become a dime a dozen. Few are able to stand out from the crowd but Adventures of Pip from Tic Toc Games manages to do so


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