Anima: Gate of Memories Review

Anima: Gate of Memories is a third person action RPG. This game was created by Anima Project Studio and was originally funded on Kickstarter in 2013. The game features two main playable characters, The Bearer and Ergo Mundus. These two characters are bound by pact due to the bearer awakening


  I don’t think I’ve ever met a person who disliked Limbo. In fact, I’ve never even known anyone to have lukewarm feelings about it. The 2010 2D puzzle platformer is universally adored and is one of the defining games of the previous generation. As a result, expectations for Playdead’s follow up game

Fragments Of Him Review

When playing Fragments of Him, I found this to be less of a conventional computer game and more a lesson of storytelling. The game is based around the character of Will and the events that lead to the tragic accident that claims his life. The events mainly affect 3 people who

LEGO STAR WARS The Force Awakens Review

  There has been an awakening. Have you felt it? And its in LEGO form. The LEGO franchise has continued its successful movie series with a return the STAR WARS genre; this time with The Force Awakens, which was the logical step as it is now known to everyone (If you haven’t seen it then

The Living Dungeon Review

Board games are a funny old thing. Families would gather round the kitchen table, set the board and pieces and proceed to spend two hours, or more, shouting at each other. Most of the time making accusations of cheating and picking on the youngest member of the family. Most of

T.M.N.T: Mutants in Manhattan Review

Ever since Bayonetta and Devil May Cry  I have been aching to play another hack ‘n slash game. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutant in Manhattan (I will refer to TMNT) is developed by both Activision and Nickelodeon  so it is expectant to see some solid game-play as well as turtle humour. TMNT suggests you take the tutorial and to anyone

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Review

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is the 2nd game in the Mirror’s Edge series. Catalyst was developed by DICE and published by EA, but despite being the 2nd game, it is actually a reboot of the series, and not a prequel nor sequel. Set in the futuraristic city of Glass, you play


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