World of Tanks: 360 Edition Review

Finally they were unleashed upon us. Finally the Beasts of Steel rolled into town. Finally I was able to settle down and experience what a few of my friends, lucky enough to have been in the Beta testing, had been talking about. I had for one reason or another missed

Tomb Raider – Definitive Edition

Where do you start with Tomb Raider, where do you start with Lara Croft? Well firstly it’s worth noting that Lara has turned 18 this year, with the first Tomb Raider game being released to an adoring public back in 1996, where the feisty female archaeologist with the large twin

Dead Space 2 ‘Throwback review 2011’

Title: Dead Space 2 Developer: EA – Visceral Games Rated: 18 Throwback preamble I look back at Dead Space with fond memories, the original is arguably an all time classic and Dead Space 2 similarly has moments in it that I still remember 3 years on…. The third instalment however

RYSE: Son of Rome Video Review

We have a very special video review made by XBLG’s Fran O’Reilly where he reviewed, scripted, produced and edited the content. To watch the full review, watch the video below. To watch more amazing videos and reviews subscribe to our channel XBL Gamerhub YouTube Channel

Call Of Duty: Ghosts Review

In the ultra competitive world of videogames, few franchises have stayed at the top for as long as Call Of Duty. However staying at the top does not necessarily push developers to improve their product, arguably the franchise has changed little since the polished MW2 graced every eligible console across

Dead Rising 3

One of the most anticipated launch titles for the Xbox One, Dead Rising 3 is fantastic, despite all the worries about it moving away from the silliness that had previously made the franchise great. With the addition of Combo Vehicles and the expansion of Combo Weapons, there are some completely

Gioteck EX-05s Multi Platform HD Stereo Headset

Gioteck are pretty well known for their large range of gaming peripherals.  They recently launched a new range of headsets, some of which they were kind enough to send over for review.  I’ll start things off with the EX-05s headset, which is an upgraded version of the EX-05. The packaging


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