Decay: The Mare – Episode 1

I fondly remember playing Resident Evil as a young lad, far younger than I should have been to play a game of such terror and horror. To this day, I remember those feelings of dread and foreboding as I stepped around every corner. The first episode of Decay: The Mare

Minecraft XBLA – DLC Packs Review

With this week marking the 2nd Birthday of Minecraft on the Xbox 360, it’s about high time we talk about the mass amount of downloadable content packs that 4J Studios have released for the game. When it was initially announced that there will be DLC for the game, a lot

Kinect Sports Rivals Review

Recently our very own Fran O’Reilly (@ShadEO9) got to grips with Microsoft’s recent tentpole kinect release, Kinect Sports Rivals. Getting himself all virtually suited and booted in a rather fetching yellow lycra getup (that has to be seen to be believed) you can see below just what he thought of the game

Trials: Fusion – Xbox 360 Review

The latest entry in the Trials franchise, dubbed Fusion has a futuristic setting, but it’s still the same ol’ motorcycle obstacle course game that you’re all no doubt used to. Building off of Trials Evolution in some interesting ways, Fusion is a fantastic entry into the series and evolves in

Titanfall 360 Review

It’s been a fair amount of time since a big-hitting, FPS game has appeared on the Xbox360 that  has enthralled me so much that I cannot wait to fire up my machine again.  Not the most subtle of opening sentences, I’m clearly not keeping you guessing on my thoughts of


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