Siegecraft Commander Review

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Siegecraft Commander Review

I’m still not sure what to make of Siegecraft Commander.

At a glance its a solid new strategy game by Blowfish games and its a little flavour of different. I’ve played the campaign on both sides, all 10 levels of the knight guys, and a few of the lizard men. After the single player there is the option of online, to which I tried a couple of matches.

The single player first though. The campaign lends itself to teach you about the various abilities, resources and structures you can build, and this is well done by using story elements to gently guide the player. The basics of the game is that you use Outposts to build walls and extend your tower reach. Your outposts have the ability to throw TNT at enemy units and towers with a range and getting used to the throwing mechanic takes some time. From outposts you can build a tech tree of buildings such as an armoury like building from where you can build a barracks to spawn units. Units, are stupid. The units themselves are anywho, they will have to find paths round your walls so that takes some forward planning but a maximum of 5 units can spawn and they will just bee line for the nearest enemy. This makes it especially annoying when attacked from 2 sides. I suppose its a tactic in the end.


I enjoyed the planning aspect and a scenario never really took longer than half an hour. My issue was with online play and cooldowns. From the armoury you can spawn Airships which are without a doubt the most powerful unit to use. You just send them off in a direction and watch the chaos. To counter the airship you can build ballistas which fire every 25 seconds. They target both TNT and air units but can easily be defeated by timing on their shots, it’s all a matter of luck. And this carries over to multiplayer. Players will just spam units to a tower further back as everything it’s connected to will be destroyed. It becomes less a game of skill and more an orgy of airships.

I think Siegecraft Commander may grow on me. The campaign was enjoyable but didn’t blow me away and I may enjoy multiplayer with friends. I was disappointed there was no co-op play, but maybe it’s one for a future install.

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The Good

  • No glitches or framerate drops
  • Animations are done well
  • Interesting premise
  • Solid art style

The Bad

  • Awful control scheme
  • Lackluster towers
  • Overly simple challenges
  • Boring story with poor characters

Written by: Michael Saiger

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