Sky Force Anniversary Review

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Sky Force Anniversary Review

Sky Force Anniversary is a satisfying top down shooter that not only plays well it’s a marvel to look at.

For most if not all of us that own a modern phone, you may have noticed Sky Force Anniversary on your respected App store as a free to play game with the optional in-app purchases that come as standard with a free game. The same rule applies to the console version, although it’s not a free game (costs £7.00 on the Xbox store) you feel where the pay wall would apply if you were playing it on the mobile app.

Now I’m not saying this is a bad thing. How you upgrade you aircraft and generally become stronger is by replaying missions and killing enemies and end of level bosses and collecting their Stars (the upgrade currancies) which you can then use pre-misson to upgrade various traits of your aircraft. These upgrades range from more health to bigger and better guns. Once unlocked these can also be upgraded for even more of a punch where in turn makes you defeat enemies more easily, get more stars and buy more upgrades.


Mission structure is the same as any other game of the same genre; shoot generic enemies, destroy everything then fight the level boss. Each boss feels unique and it’s fun to learn their patterns of attack, although I do get a bit gung-ho at time and just shoot with a total disregard of my own mortality.

With Sky Force Anniversary you get one life per misson, so once you die it’s back to the mission select to try again or replay a previous mission to collect more stars to unlock more upgrades.  This may seem like a big grind which in fairness it is but for me it never felt tiresome.


The game has nine missions in total and a Tournament mode where you have to collect stars whilst avoiding being shot at with the added bonus of having your weapons disabled. Missions are unlocked via completing the previous mission and then fulfilling a medal quota which is determined by four factors: 1) Rescuing every Human, 2) Destroy 70% of enemies, 3) Destroy all enemies and finally 4) remain un damaged. At first most of these are hard but like earlier once you start upgrading you then will find these pretty simple to do.


I liked this way of unlocking missions as it adds a replay value to the game and nine missions is not really a lot if you unlock them one after the other.

Sky Force Anniversary also features couch Co Op where a second player can jump in and offer their assistance in blowing everything up.

I would recommend Sky Force Anniversary to anyone who is a fan of top down shooters and anyone who is looking for something different to play. The game is slick, has very good graphics and couch Co-op.

The Good

  • Awesome progression system
  • Solid gameplay
  • Nice presentation
  • Unlockable difficulty levels
  • Co-op

The Bad

  • Bombs and shields as consumables

Written by: Rob Lake

Bearded wonder of the East Coast. You can also find me at the following:

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