Talent Not Included Review

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Talent Not Included Review


Talent Not Included is a brand new platformer game that is suited for casual and hardcore gamers alike. Developed by Frima Studio and published by Frima Originals, the game aims to be something brand new to the genre of platformers. It combines difficult levels with easy to understand mechanics to help make a game that flows smoothly throughout regardless of how well you can play it.


First Impressions

The games tutorials are very fun and extremely satisfying to play through. Each of the three characters you play as throughout the game have different abilities, and all are explained via these set character tutorials. The game helps the player through just enough of the mechanics so that they’re not holding our hand, but they’re not letting us go in blind either.



The story is relatively simple and the comedy to this game immediately shines through and certainly showed me the fun the developers had creating the game. You’re playing as some mediocre actors for a stage performance that appear to be taking their roles a bit too seriously. While the whole thing is being overseen by people who have no idea what’s going on but go with the flow regardless. This being a theatrical performance, the main characters are well aware of how stupid their situations are, and joke about this multiple times with the bosses you meet in game. It’s a very self aware game but that makes the comedy aspect work one hundred times better.


Gameplay and Collectables

Throughout the game you collect pieces of candy. The more you collect the more your multiplier adds up. The more the multiplier adds up the more points you get. It’s back to the basics but it’s not a bad thing. Making the aim of the game simple but enjoyable is key to any platformer and Talent Not Included pulls it off perfectly. The goal is to always read the gold circle which will take you to the next set on stage. After you complete enough of these the level will end. Your goal is to get the golden mask rank by the end of each scene, which sounds easy, but the difficulty does progress quite quickly and continuously getting gold is extremely difficult, especially against tough bosses.



The graphics compliment the story and music perfectly. Slightly adventure themed, but also still fun and vibrant, and noticeably theatre set looking. Each character is designed to be typical of their role. The knight is a standard night, mage is a standard mage, that sort of thing. The enemies in the game are exactly the same. The thing with that is, it should come off as boring and lazy, but it doesn’t. Due to the way the game was developed, it’s probably the best design for the story and approach to character development that could of happened.


Soundtrack and Audio

Where character sounds and overall audio is limited, the soundtrack makes up for. The music throughout the game is extremely fitting and does nothing but push the player into having a fun experience playing the game. It’s upbeat and yet mythical combination are perfect for the game.


Final Thoughts

This game is an absolute blast to play and extremely fun. The difficult slope means the game is challenging and yet still completely addictive to play hours down the line. I’d recommend this game to anyone who’s seeking to play a simple yet funny take on the platforming genre.


For more about Talent Not Included you can visit its website and watch the trailer below:

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(Images provided by myself and Frima Studio)

The Good

  • Unique setting design
  • Cartoony art that fits the theme well

The Bad

  • Characters feel bland and generic
  • Levels eventually start feeling repetitive
  • Very short game, can be completed in roughly 3 hours

Written by: Jordan Wharton

An avid gamer and Halo fan. Been in the gaming scene my whole life. Known for being the first person in the world to cosplay as the Halo 5 Master Chief. Love visiting Japan and America. Creator of the Halo Community section.

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