Ark: Survival Evolved Update v733.0


This week saw the launch of a new update to Ark: Survival Evolved

Despite the latest court case regarding its rights to develop from certain members of the team, the game has pushed forward. The update sees the release of three new dino’s to the game as well as some fixes. Not only are players being treated to new dino’s, but a new game mode as well; Extinction event, which has just launched into the server list but good luck getting a spot in those servers. This game mode will be hosted in an entire new set of servers that will refresh every month. So hear is a breakdown of what we get in the new update. 

Woolly Rhinoceros

This northern mammal is about the size of a mammoth in the game, without being as tall, and you can pinpoint them for their huge horns. These herbivores are high melee damage dealers, capable of causing a lot of damage in one charge. They are also pretty useful as land transport as alphas are the only real danger in PVE servers. If you want to tame one of these woolly fellas then make sure you don’t get caught in its charge. You will also need terror bird eggs from the last update to make things a bit easier. Woolly Rhinos are also a good supply of pelt compared to other pelt creature. They also drop a new item, Woolly Rhino horn which makes a brand new consumable. 


This chitin sea dweller is about the size of a Megalodon and will act aggressive if the player comes into contact with one. Its powerful jaws can not only harvest large amounts of oil from the sea bed, but catching a player unawares makes for a quick death. The Dunkleosteus is not the fastest sea creature either, but its chitin plated body makes up for a high health stat. They have relatively short taming times too but if you want to kibble tame one you will have to coax some eggs from some titanboas (that’s right, the large un-tamable anacondas that chase you halfway across a map to make you supper).


With scuba goggles, the Dunkleosteus looks a smiley face Megalodon.


Arachnophobics rejoice! Ark already had has a giant spider and giant scorpion so why not add that threat into the seas. The Eurypterid (or aqua scorpion) is slightly larger than a trilobite and found floating around on the sea bed in small groups. Don’t let their size fool you, one hit from these aqua scorpions will knock out any player almost instantly and cause a player to be eaten alive or drown. A group of them will make short work knocking out even the larger aquatic mounts. However, defeating these pests may earn you a black pearl, which with Woolly Rhino horns, creates the broth of enlightenment which boosts a player’s exp gain.  


Dossier entry for the Eurypterid

Swamp and Snow Cave
New caves have been added that offer a larger challenge to late game players. The snow caves challenge a players endurance to cold similar to other snow caves whereas the swamp cave offers a whole new challenge. The swamp cave is filled with poisonous gas so players venturing in should take a scuba tank to try fending off the poisonous fumes.

Console commands & Player admins

Private servers now have the ability of PC players (almost). With the addition of console commands, players can tweak private servers and player admins in those servers. However, this does not solve the issue of needing a spare Xbox One to act as a server though. 

Additional Fixes

Other features in the latest update see the colour of Mammoths returned to normal after their long season of sporting the same strange texture. Beaver dams (the haven of cementing paste) have also reappeared with the update. There have also been more frame rate improvements but there is still the regular server lag reoccurring players have come to know.  

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Written by: Michael Saiger

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