Sky Force Anniversary – Review

Sky Force Anniversary is a satisfying top down shooter that not only plays well it’s a marvel to look at. For most if not all of us that own a modern phone, you may have noticed Sky Force Anniversary on your respected App store as a free to play game

Adventure Pop – Out Now

If you have ever played bubble pop games such as Bubble Bobble then you will feel instantly at home with Adventure Pop. In the game you play as captain Penelope, who with an assortment of chums, goes on some crazy colour matching, bubble popping, level completing quest.  If this sounds like

Blizzard issues warning to Overwatch players

Do you use a mouse and keyboard when you play Overwatch? If so then Blizzard do not approve of you doing this.  Whilst Blizzard hasn’t actually banned anyone who uses a mouse and keyboard Blizzard director Jeff Kaplan has issued quite a lengthy post about the subject. “The Overwatch team

Homefront: The Revolution – A Revision

As a soft reboot to 2011’s Homefront, Homefront – The revolution tasks the player in a situation where the United States has been invaded by a more technologically advanced North Korea. If you are of a certain age then this sounds a lot like the plot to “Red Dawn”, Which

Grand Prix Rock ‘N Racing – Review

Gentlemen start you engines! When I saw that this game was coming out for Xbox One I was to say enthusiastic! As a fan of Rock ‘N Roll Racing I was hoping that this was going to be a spiritual successor. In fairness it kind of is but it could

Minecraft – Battle

When you think of Minecraft, PVP generally is not the first thing that comes to mind. Well today that’s going to change with the release of Minecraft Battle.  This is a free update for all Minecraft console edition owners, that features three arenas (Crucible, Lair & Medusa) to test your


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Biomutant Bites With Gameplay Teaser #XBLG
Now Backwards Compatible on Xbox One #XBLG
Biomutant Bites With Gameplay Teaser #XBLG