In The Studio – Charles Dance

Fantasy epics are all around us right now, from numerous book to engrossing television and of course the medium of computer games. When it comes to creating epic games you need epic voice actors, and one of the most recognisable actors of the fantasy theme right now has to be

Assassins Creed Chronicles – Part One

Ubisoft will today release part one of their Assassins Creed Spin off games. The games will take place in 16th century China and will see you assume the role of Shao Jun who is a lone assassin (that was trained by Ezio Auditore) that has returned home to restore the

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Gone Gold

With over 200 awards under its belt and being quoted as being the most stunning game ever made, it is easy to forget that the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has not even been released yet. Although, with all this in mind, the game has just gone gold.        

House Of Wolves

  The second of Destiny’s planned DLC now has a confirmed release date of 19th of May 2015. The expansion, titled House of Wolves, sees us entering the Reef, which was originally only a cut-scene in the original game. The Reef is home to the mysterious Awoken and their closed society


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