Final Symphony

Today, video game concert production company Merregnon Studios was pleased to announce that Final Symphony, a brand new album of musical arrangements from the FINAL FANTASY® video game, and based on the sell-out concert tour of the same name, will be releasing globally as digital download on February 23rd.   Performed

Xbox Games With Gold – February Lineup

Xbox fans, rejoice and remember that an added bonus to being an Xbox Live Gold Subscriber is free games every month from the chaps at Xbox. Here are the announcements for February on Games with Gold.    Xbox One (1-28th February) “It Draws A Red Box” or otherwise known as

Elder Scrolls Online – Console Announcement

Bethesda announced that the Elder Scrolls Online will be doing away with mandatory monthly subscription fees when it launches on consoles on June 9th 2015. The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited will be the title for this upcoming game. PC players of the ESO will receive this option as well

Exo Zombies

For anyone who did not see this coming, then shame on you. We all should have seen this coming, with Call of Duty coming out year on year like clockwork; it was inevitable we would see a futuristic zombie uprising.  I will admit, though, this one looks somewhat different.  

Overachievers – Sunset Overdrive

Insomniac games are happy to announce that there is going to be more achievements and gamer score added to Sunset Overdrive, which is their insane and bouncy Xbox One exclusive title. The games developers look to reward their fans for their interaction with the team, so they have added more achievements


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