Life is Strange

Square Enix have become very good at iterating game ideas that are successful, with Lords of the Fallen they have touched on the “Souls type” game and with this new title Life if Strange there are similarities to Tell Tale games (Wolf Among Us, Walking Dead, Tales from the Borderlands)

The Sprint

Halo Master Chief Collection has received a storm of criticism from fans and critics alike about its bugs, lack of multiplayer and various other issues. These problems have left a number of people who have not even managed to make it through a game of matchmaking without lag issues or

More Pinball Madness …

Another great pinball table has been released with a Marvel character at the basis of the table. So lets wait no longer to interpret the crazy pinball world of a nemesis of Spiderman, Venom.      After having a quick hands on with the game and the table, it is

2 New Destiny Trailers

Bungie announced a while ago that their powerhouse title Destiny will have a couple of additional DLC, with the first DLC titled “The Dark Below” due for release on 9th December worldwide. We have decided to bundle two very different trailers for the same DLC into the article and save

Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin

When I saw this announcement I got very very excited. Dark Souls is a game so wonderfully horrific and yet at the same time fulfilling and rewarding. I have never heard a Dark Souls fan asking for less Dark Souls and this is for a very good reason: FROM software


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@RupertBooth Thanks for the RT and all the best with the release of the game. @Cetrie is working on a review :)
Time to be scared out your wits! Survival Horror #TheOneWeFound is available for preorder.
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