Brief Battles coming to Xbox One in 2018


A brand new platform fighter named Brief Battles has been announced. This game is being developed by Juicy Cupcake, so you already know with a name like that, the game has to be wacky too. The game uses underwear as it’s main weapons, as you battle it off against other players in a range of environments.

Using a range of different underwear you can gain access to different abilities, as well as using the interactive elements and hazards on the maps to help you win against those pesky enemies with their less fabulous underpants. The lighthearted humour and bright colour choices allows players of all age to have a blast playing this game, just try and not get your knickers in a twist if you lose.

Brief Battles also offers a range of game modes, such as the standard free for all and team battle modes, but also some more unique modes such as hold the gold, in which the goal is to wear the golden briefs the longest. Another fun game mode is the Underpants Collector, in which players are encouraged to out-hoard their friends when it comes to collection up underwear. There are also single player modes, such as wave mode, target practise, and some modes that have yet to be revealed.


Brief Battles releases on Xbox One and PC in Q1 2018, and the trailer can be found here:



About Juicy Cupcake

Juicy Cupcake is a two-man independent development team based in Adelaide, South Australia working on its debut project, Brief Battles. Since working together in a liquor store, the duo has dedicated themselves to creating games brimming with humour backed by tightly-designed gameplay.

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(All info and images taken from Gamespress)


Written by: Jordan Wharton

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