Broly and Bardock Join Dragon Ball FighterZ

As from today the Saiyan’s Broly and Bardock will be available to play in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Fans of the TV series and Manga will know these two and need no introduction but for those of you who don’t know:

Broly is one of the last survivors of Freiza‘s attack on Planet Vegeta, which eliminated almost the entire Saiyan race. This Legendary Super Saiyan’s massive physique grants his attacks an impressive amount of power. His ultimate attack Gigantic Meteor lets him hover over his opponent and unleash a deadly beam of energy.

Bardock is the father of series hero Goku and once enemy Radditz. Bardock has perfected his skills as a mighty warrior across many battles. He is a character that is easy to control but difficult to master. Extending his combos take skill but his invincible and extremely deadly rush attacks are hard to counter. His ultimate attack sees him transform into a Super Saiyan to channel the might of this ancient civilisation.

Both characters are available to purchase separate as well as being included in the Fighterz Pass, which will see another eight fighterz added to the roster of available characters.

Players who decide to purchase Broly or Bardock will also receive: 5 alternative character colours, Lobby Character and Z-Stamp.
A link to the FighterZ Microsoft store page can be found here

Both new characters appear in the newest trailer which you can watch below.

Written by: Rob Lake

Bearded wonder of the East Coast. You can also find me at the following:

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