Lock’s Quest Review

For those of you who love handheld gaming such as myself, you may well have heard of Lock’s Quest. It was a real time, strategy, tower defence game and the perfect blend of action, building and story, released back in 2008 for the Nintendo DS.  But how does it stack up now?

E3 Coliseum Schedule Revealed

What is E3 Coliseum? E3 Coliseum is an event in which fans get a chance to view their favourite people from the industry on multiple different panels. ESA and E3 are teaming up with producer Geoff Keighley to help make this event a reality. It’ll run at the same time as E3, on both

E3 2017 – What you need to know

E3 is closing in fast and for gaming fans around the world there is no event quite like it. The biggest developers in the industry and an incredible host of Indie devs gather in the Los Angeles Convention Centre for a massive weekend of sneak peaks, huge announcements and of course,

Glasgow Sci-Fi, Cosplay & Comic Con 2017!

Last weekend I had the chance to attend one of Glasgow’s newer conventions “Glasgow Sci-Fi, Cosplay & Comic Con.” or GSCC for short. First off I have to say the venue choice for this event was ideal, The Barrowlands ballroom works brilliant for this kind of event, it has a large amount

Raicon Spring 2017!

Yesterday I attended Glasgow’s very own Anime convention and it was a blast. Despite being the city’s only Anime focused convention and its 2nd year running Raicon certainly doesn’t disappoint.   For starters the convention itself felt much larger and more lively since last time visited back in march of

XBLG: Game Of The Year – 2016

The XBLG Game of the Year for 2016 was not an easy one to pick, we found there was a vast number of titles we enjoyed playing last year. There was everything ranging from RPG to Driving simulators and a lot in between, when it boiled down to the staff

Elite: Dangerous Spotlight

With the quick rise and fall of No Man Sky for PS4 and PC last year, it’s easy for those of us on Xbox to feel left out of the hype due to the exclusive nature of the title. However for those of you out there that wanted an open


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