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Halo Month: Halo – Puzzle Evolved?

Article written by Andy Manson Ask your average player of video games what their favourite first-person puzzle games are, and you’ll generally get the same small set of answers. Some will cite Antichamber. Others will say Q.U.B.E or The Talos Principle. More than likely though, most will probably answer (understandably

Halo Month: History of the SPARTAN Program

We all know that Master Chief is a Spartan super-soldier. He’s genetically engineered with cybernetic enhancements to be the best of the best. There is a lot more history to the Spartan Program than you might not have realised. He’s a Spartan-II, so what happened to the Spartan I’s? What

Welcome to Halo Month!

It’s almost upon us. Halo 5: Guardians will allow us to finally discover the truth about Master Chief‘s apparent disappearance, why Spartan Locke is tasked with finding him, and what the hell is really going on. To celebrate Halo 5’s release this week, today marks the start of our Halo

Halo Month: Earth’s Greatest Hero?

It can be the hardest thing to imagine, but try it. Every decision you have to make is for something greater than yourself, you live to serve and protect every member of your species, to fight off constant threats that present themselves at any and all moments, some of which


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E3 2018: The Xbox Experience https://t.co/oiXTnJ5RrL #XBLG
E3 2018: The Xbox Experience https://t.co/Bo7dEBX1Q0 #XBLG