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Halo Wars 2 Serina DLC Information Revealed

Serina, a much loved character from the first Halo Wars game, is back. Sadly not for the story, but for the fun multiplayer modes. Here’s a little background information on Serina straight from 343 Industries: “Serina was activated on January 7, 2530, by Daedalia Technology, a Martian firm well-known for

No Halo 6 This Year

Halo has been a long standing franchise for Xbox, you don’t need to go far to find a reference to the Master Chief. Heck, we have a whole page dedicated to the epic space narrative here.  But it looks like we won’t be getting a reveal of Halo 6 this year. I think our fix

Halo: Rise of Atriox Revealed

Today 343 Industries have announced a brand new five-chapter mini-series featuring the brand new big bad boss of the Halo universe, Atriox. The partnership is with Dark Horse Comics, and looks into Atriox’s past and his rise to power. Each part of the series will be written by different known


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E3 2018: The Xbox Experience https://t.co/oiXTnJ5RrL #XBLG
E3 2018: The Xbox Experience https://t.co/Bo7dEBX1Q0 #XBLG