Halo Community Featured Artist: Primordial 117

Hello everyone and welcome to the Halo Community section of XBLGamerhub, where we focus on Halo related news and the Halo community. Halo offers a lot of room for fan related art, and today I welcome a long time Halo artist Primordial 117 as the featured artist. Primordial 117 has been creating

Doom Eternal: Quakecon Gameplay Reveal

Today at this years Quakecon,  id Software have showcased some gameplay footage of DOOM Eternal.  Originally teased at E3, the sequel to last years DOOM sees players step into the *bloody* boots of the Doom Slayer who is set to battle the Demon spawn of Hell, one more time! The

Red Dead Redemption 2 – New Gameplay Trailer

The folks over at Rockstar have just released an all new gameplay trailer for the hotly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2. Featuring an ‘all new living world’, Red Dead Redemption 2 promises more action, story and gameplay than ever before. You take over as Arthur Morgan, an old school bandit in a

Destiny 2 – Dreaming City Trailer

During the latest Destiny 2 live stream, Bungie have released a new trailer that shows off what the Guardians can expect from the Dreaming City when the Forsaken expansion launches next month.  The Dreaming City is home to the Awoken, who are going to feature heavily in the storyline to

Sea Of Thieves: Patch Notes – 1.2.1

This past Wednesday was the release of the latest patch notes for Rare’s Sea of Thieves, these patch notes are usually hand in hand with the server maintenance. This is the second of the 3 week Cursed Sails event, where players will have the 3 week window to get their

Storm Boy: The Game – Coming Soon

Every so often a game will be announced that will catch you attention; now it could be a grossly violent adventure like Doom, perhaps its a new Telltale game in which players are taken on an emotional journey. Storm Boy will look to be more of a narrative tale since


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