Bound by Flame: Journey Through Vertiel

Fresh from Focus Home Interactive and Spiders Games comes the Bound by Flame: Journey Through Vertiel trailer.  This new trailer focuses on the endless possibilities that this epic looking RPG has to offer the player. In the trailer, we are shown the huge amount of freedom given to the player to experience

Strider: behind the scenes video

As I am sure you are aware, Strider is due out next week. I am pleased to be able to let you see what this game is all about with the following special, behind-the-scenes featurette!  The video brings us insight from the staff over at developers Double Helix, as well as some

Final Fantasy XV Progress Update

  In a recent interview with, Final Fantasy Series Producer Yoshinori Kitase implied that the development of Final Fantasy XV (Originally titled Final Fantasy Versus XIII) is quite advanced and that Square-Enix has given the game priority over other titles.   When asked about the progress of FFXV and

Red Faction and Darksiders Collections coming to Xbox 360

Nordic Games, who acquired the Darksiders and Red Faction licences from THQ’s Demise seem to be trying to resurrect, or at least keep alive, both franchises by releasing collections of both franchises some time this year on the Xbox 360. Darksiders with it’s sequel and DLC and Red Faction: Guerrilla,

Garry’s Mod/Rust Developer Receives Xbox One Dev Kit

Garry Newman of Garry’s Mod and Rust fame tweeted today about received an Xbox One Dev Kit. Garry’s Mod which started life as a Modification for Half-Life 2, is a game where you can play around with models and characters from all of Valves game, creating weird contraptions and generally playing around


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