Minecraft Xbox One Edition Teased

There’s not been much news about the Xbox One Edition of Minecraft since it’s announcement, but 4J Studios, the team behind all of the console ports of Minecraft, have teased a little about the Xbox One version of the incredibly successful game while showing off some plushies they have on

Double Helix acquired by…Amazon?!…

In a rather surprising bit of news, Double Helix Games has been acquired by online retail giant Amazon, fueling rumours of Amazon entering the console market with an Android-based machine. The acquisition was made for an undisclosed amount and will include Double Helix staff and Intellectual Properties. The developers behind

Titanfall to support Xbox Smartglass!!

In response to a tweet yesterday on the official Twitter account for the Titanfall game, it seems as though that there will be some integration made for Xbox Smartglass.     Respawn Entertainment have confirmed that Titanfall will support Smartglass, however it is unclear as to whether it will be available for 360 owners, since

Shields Up – Ground Zeroes Designer Defends

Following Game Informer’s report that Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is a 2-4 hour game, Jordan Armaro, a designer within Kojima Productions has come to the defence of the upcoming prologue’s short lifespan. Armaro asks:   “Are Journey and Dear Esther long?…Yet they are masterpieces…This smearing will not stain

Titanfall Collector Edition looks…highly collectable!

The Titanfall collectors edition is a truly eye-popping set of memorabilia to go along with one of the most eagerly anticipated games for a very long time. As a new Xbox One title, Titanfall has console owners salivating at the prospect of hi-res graphics and rattling fast frame rates…but that

Warface Beta Available Now!

Crytek and Microsoft Studios have announced the launch of a public beta for Warface Xbox 360 Edition. The beta will be available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Nordics, Australia and New Zealand. For all you Irish readers, unfortunately we don’t get it 🙁 Fans


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