COD Championships 2014 – London


Call of Duty has been a big deal in the gaming world for some time now, with gamers everywhere going mad for its addictive story and, most importantly, its hard as nails multiplayer mode which brings players coming back for more.

Those who are truly skilled at the multiplayer aspect form an elite group of hardcore fans that are now fuelling the ever popular eSports scene, which, while being most popular stateside, is slowly becoming a worldwide hit. 

COD has been fulling this new sport with the COD Championships for some years now, with 2014s instalment being the biggest yet and while the main event itself was held in L.A, I was lucky enough to watch the action live, as it happened, in the heart of London thanks to Activision and Xtreme Gaming.


Hosted at one of the trendiest bars in London’s heart, Carbon Bar, we were ushered into a vibrant space filled with COD:Ghosts posters, coasters and everything else you could imagine with projectors and televisions covering all corners of the walls, streaming every stage of the epic finals as they happened.

Now if you haven’t really been following the COD Championships this year (shame on you) then you may not realise just how much was at stake for the teams involved.

For the champions lye not only the bragging rights of being the worlds best but in fact they also stood to win a prize fund of 400,000 dollars! Now thats big money! 

Whoever said playing games couldn’t earn you a living eh?

The bar was loaded, with drinks and food flowing free as the chatter turned to the teams we all wanted to see emerge victorious, eager for things to kick off!


Us ladies and gents of the wondrous XBLG were rooting for Team OpTic Gaming through every stage but were sad to see the gents go head to head with Complexity at the beginning of the evening and fail to make the grade, losing 3-2 after a long fought war and condemning themselves to the lower bracket of the championships, with one chance left at securing a spot in the final showdown!


This drop down led to an exhilarating match up between OpTic and EnVyUs (A fresh faced team containing a few ex OpTic players). Both teams fought hard, but in the end EnVyUs came out on top and were primed and ready to face compLexity for that final prize of $400,000!

While it was sad to see OpTic resigned to third place, I was still excited to see who would come out victorious between EnVyUs and compLexity, with my heart set on seeing EnVyUs now take the trophy (and the rather sizeable prize fund).

After three gruelling rounds of Domination, Search and Destroy and Blitz, compLexity took the prize, winning all three rounds by a large margin!

So that was it, none of the teams I backed managed to take the number one spot, but with such an entertaining night, with amazing players showing their skill, no one could be disappointed with the outcome!

The final standings for the night look a little like this:


  1. compLexity – $400,000
  2. EnVyUs – $200,000
  3. OpTic Gaming – $120,000
  4. Strictly Business – $100,000
  5. Trident T1dotters – $70,000
  6. FaZe – $50,000
  7. Rise Nation – $35,000
  8. VexX Revenge – $25,000


If you weren’t lucky enough to catch any of the action yourself, you can find the entire set of matches on the official Call of Duty eSports website






Written by: Ben Rayner

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