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Alan Murphy posted a comment on Watch Dogs: Bad Blood DLC - Out Now 3 years ago

The only consoles that have Watch Dogs Bad Blood DLC just now is Xbox One & Playstation There is a problem with the 360 Version at the moment, and hope to have it on in the next few days for season pass holders.

A big Congratz Scott well done for winning, enjoy

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Alan Murphy created new blog post LEGO video games series in Community Blogs 4 years ago

I\'m not trying to put any of the LEGO video games down in anyway, Definitely NOT!! i am merely just saying that although i thoroughly enjoy all the series it would be great to see a wider range of objectives to do in game, i thin ...

Alan Murphy updated blog post Thief Xbox 360 in Community Blogs 4 years ago

Thiefis a developed ...

Alan Murphy updated blog post Thief Xbox 360 in Community Blogs 4 years ago

Thiefis a stealth de ...

I really like the Of Orcs And Men Jacket it has that certain eerie feel to it, but my favorite has to be the new game Thief really like that jacket it is almost like it can pull you through the cover if you stare at long enough.

My choice would be a new game it would have to be TitanFall for Xbox 360 so looking forward to it

Thank you for the great news Hayley

Another brilliant giveaway from XBLGamerhub you have great reviews & news, & fingerscrossed I'm lucky this time would love this tee

Alan Murphy posted a comment on Launch Month Giveaway #7 - Xbox Hoodie 4 years ago

I'm quite looking forward to - The Raven - Legacy of A Master Thief (Xbox 360) It looks like it might be a good book to game release, a whodunit with a case to solve

Koenigsegg One:1 coming with 1,340 hp, Wow amazing looking car that would be the car for me if money wasn't an issue.

Another great giveaway from XBLGamerhub thanks for all these chances

The Lickers from Resident Evil that would be an awesome Bobblehead Figure to have sitting on your desk

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