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Graeme Smith created new blog post What makes a console next-gen? in Community Blogs 4 years ago

Ok so before I start, and for full disclosure, I'm an XBox One owner in ...

Graeme Smith posted a comment on Xbox one review 4 years ago

Great review, thanks for that. And also it looks like you've worked a bit of magic. No sooner do you post the price and that it comes with no games, Microsoft announce the Titanfall bundle. Priced at £399 this is the console bundled with a download c

This is a repost of an article I first wrote around 4 years ago, for a personal blog. I've taken a look over it, but a lot of it is as applicable then as it is now!   We've all been there. You're enjoying yourself with some on ...

Does anyone know the answer to my question? If you buy the separate adapter and then plug in a legacy headset (in my case a Turtle Beach X41), will I still get the 7.1 surround sound via the SPDIF or will the stereo output from the adapter override t

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